The Salzburg Global LGBT Forum advances the human rights of LGBT people and communities around the world. Founded in 2013, it has created a trusted 70-country network of LGBT and human rights leaders to facilitate open exchange and collaboration in highly-diverse contexts, spanning government, law, diplomacy, religion, finance, media and culture.

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The Salzburg Global LGBT Forum was formed in 2013 to establish a truly global space to reflect upon and advance LGBT and human rights discussions around the world, as well as to form a network of international leaders from diverse fields - including human rights, legal, artistic, and religious backgrounds. Founded and chaired by Dr. Klaus Mueller, the Forum currently includes representatives from more than 70 countries on six continents.

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Sridhar Rangayan – My Film is Not Just a Coming Out Film, It’s a Film About the Subjugation Women Face in Patriarchal Societies

Filmmaker discusses his latest film Evening Shadows and the impact the Salzburg Global LGBT Forum has had on his career

Salzburg Global Fellow Cha Roque Wins Amnesty International Award

Filmmaker recognized as human rights defender bringing impact through their work

Salzburg Global Fellow Danny Ramadan Wins Canadian Authors Book Award

Syrian-Canadian author speaks to Salzburg Global about his latest success and the impact of the Salzburg Global LGBT Forum

Salzburg Global President's Report 2018

The 2018 edition of the Salzburg Global President’s Report presents the renewed mission and strategic framework of the organization, announces an exciting new campaign, and reviews each of the last year’s programs

Building a Global Community - Salzburg Global LGBT Forum: The First Five Years

Publication chronicling the progress, successes and impact of the Salzburg Global LGBT Forum and its Fellows is now available to read, download and share

Salzburg Global LGBT Forum - Building a Global Community

Vice President and Chief Program Officer Clare Shine reflects on the first five years of the LGBT Forum and the publication of major new report, Salzburg Global LGBT* Forum - Building a Global Community

A Journey Into Uncharted Territory

Founder and Chair of the Salzburg Global LGBT Forum, Dr. Klaus Mueller reflects on the Forum’s origins, its progress – and that of its Fellows’ – and where it is today.

Creating Impact

Fellows of the Salzburg Global LGBT Forum share in their own words what impact the Forum has had on them and their work

Kasha Nabagesera - “My Motivation is Knowing You’re Not Struggling Alone”

Activist Kasha Nabagesera on the importance of the networks created at the Salzburg Global LGBT Forum

Defining Family

The first chapter of our new publication Building a Global Community addresses LGBT families - those we're born into, those we create and those we raise
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