The Salzburg Global LGBT* Forum advances the human rights of LGBT people and communities around the world. Founded in 2013, it has created a trusted 72-country network of LGBT and human rights leaders to facilitate open exchange and collaboration in highly-diverse contexts, spanning government, law, diplomacy, religion, finance, media and culture.

* LGBT: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. We are using this term as it is currently widely used in human rights conversations on sexual orientation and gender identity in many parts of the world, and we would wish it to be read as inclusive of other cultural concepts, contemporary or historical, to express sexuality and gender, intersex and gender non-conforming identities.



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Joy Ladin: “Religious Communities and Leaders Need to Stop Seeing LGBT* People as Other, as Them, and Start Seeing Them as Us”

Yeshiva University English professor and poet on how to do the hard, holy work of inclusion by knowing the soul of the stranger

Introducing: The Global Online Forum on LGBT* and Faith

Fellows of the Salzburg Global LGBT* Forum to foster online discussion about the inclusion of LGBT* people in faith communities and religious and cultural traditions in a new blog series starting this August 

The Economic Case For LGBT* Equality

Salzburg Global Fellow Lee Badgett discusses her new book which adds a financial argument for LGBT* equality

Far Away From Home: LGBT* Activism in the Diaspora

We catch up with Salzburg Global LGBT* Forum Fellows Faris Cuchi Gezahegn and Bisi Alimi on the highs and lows of fighting a war from afar

Gayropa – Portraying the New Reality Shaped by LGBT Refugees in Europe

Photojournalist Bradley Secker discusses his work documenting the lives of LGBT refugees in Europe

Advancing Legal and Social Equality in South Asia

Executive summary report from the latest program of the Salzburg Global LGBT* Forum presents key themes and discussions as well as plans for newly proposed Fellow-led projects

LGBTI Activists Call for Social and Legal Reforms on Zero Discrimination Day

Salzburg Global Fellows issue call for action on international Zero Discrimination Day

LGBT Rights in South Asia: What Next?

The upcoming Salzburg Global LGBT Forum program considers the impact of the LGBT rights movement across borders, and the efforts needed to ensure legal and social acceptance

Sridhar Rangayan – My Film is Not Just a Coming Out Film, It’s a Film About the Subjugation Women Face in Patriarchal Societies

Filmmaker discusses his latest film Evening Shadows and the impact the Salzburg Global LGBT Forum has had on his career

Salzburg Global Fellow Cha Roque Wins Amnesty International Award

Filmmaker recognized as human rights defender bringing impact through their work
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