The Salzburg Global LGBT* Forum advances the human rights of LGBT people and communities around the world. Founded in 2013, it has created a trusted 72-country network of LGBT and human rights leaders to facilitate open exchange and collaboration in highly-diverse contexts, spanning government, law, diplomacy, religion, finance, media and culture.

* LGBT: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. We are using this term as it is currently widely used in human rights conversations on sexual orientation and gender identity in many parts of the world, and we would wish it to be read as inclusive of other cultural concepts, contemporary or historical, to express sexuality and gender, intersex and gender non-conforming identities.



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Happiness and Harmonization as Bhutan Decriminalizes Homosexuality

Salzburg Global LGBT* Forum Fellows help end colonial-era laws against “unnatural sex” in Bhutan

Scot Sherman: “I Could No Longer Unsee What I Was Seeing, or Unhear What I Was Hearing”

Paola Paredes: “These Staged Images Allow Us To See What Was Never Meant To Be Seen”

Ecuadorian photographer documents illegal anti-LGBT, conversion clinics through her “visual activism” project Until You Change

Saira Mujtaba: “I Loved My Uncle, I Mourn His Loss, I Wish He Could Have Lived a Happy Life”

A niece remembers her gay uncle’s suicide and calls upon her Muslim community to include and protect their LGBT family members in the latest blog of the Salzburg Global Online Forum on LGBT* and Faith

Victor Ciobotaru: “The More I Prayed, the More I Became Aware That I Am Gay and I Will Never Change”

Rev. Brandan Robertson: “As a Christian Minister, I Believe That Queer People (and All People) Are Created in the Image of God”

Christian pastor explores the tensions and intersections of his sexuality and faith

Support Our Pivot to Online Programming

In a video message, Salzburg Global President & CEO Stephen L. Salyer on how our organization is weathering the COVID-19 crisis

Simon Petitjean: “I Am a Trans Man of Faith”

Connecting his personal and professional journey of faith, senior advocacy manager at the Global Interfaith Network brings together religion and LGBT* human rights at the United Nations  

Tashi Choedup: “My Faith Has Helped Me With My Queerness and My Queerness Helps Me in Making My Faith Inclusive”

Buddhist monastic shares their journey of forging a healthy relationship between their queerness and their faith

Brenda Rodriguez Alegre: As a Child I Would Pray to God “to Make Me a Woman One Day”

Academic, activist, choir soprano and expert on Filipino transgender history makes a passionate plea for Filipino queers to reemerge and be more visible and accepted in a religious society
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