Frequently Asked Questions

This information only pertains to Salzburg Global Internships in Salzburg.

Internships in Washington, DC are currently closed to applications. Please sign up to our newsletter for notification of future opportunities.

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1.    Where does Salzburg Global Seminar offer internships?
Salzburg Global Seminar offers internships in various departments based at Schloss Leopoldskron, Salzburg, Austria. Salzburg Global Seminar does not currently offer internships in our Washington Office. Please sign up to our newsletter for notification of future opportunities: 

2.    How can I apply for an Internship at Salzburg Global Seminar?
Please apply via our new online form: Information on all available Internships can be found here.

3.    I have not yet finished my degree; can I still apply?
Undergraduates working towards a Bachelor's degree demonstrable interest in one of Salzburg Global’s program areas may apply to either the Program Internship or the Development Internship. The Communications Team and Library Internships, however, are only open to applicants with an undergraduate or graduate degree in relevant fields. 

4.    Can I apply for more than one Internship?
Yes, but separate applications must be submitted, tailored to each position.

5.    I have applied before and was rejected. Should I try again?
Yes. Salzburg Global receives many more applications for our Internship openings than we can accept. Therefore, we are not able to offer Internship opportunities to many people who are qualified for an Internship with us. Therefore, it is worth submitting another application, ideally with reference to your previous application. 

6.    Is there a closing date for sending in applications?
Yes. The closing date for submitting applications for Internships starting in 2020 is October 31, 2019. Please be aware that this is the application deadline for applications for all Internships for the given year, including Internships in the spring, summer, and fall. 

7.    May I submit an open/unsolicited/spontaneous application?
No. Applications will only be considered that are submitted during the time when the call for applications is open. Additionally, only applications that follow the application guidelines, include all required information and submitted via our application form will be considered. To find out when applications will be open again, sign up to our Salzburg Global Internship Program mailing list at  

8.    Are the internship periods fixed?
Yes. Each internship lasts for three months with start dates in January, April, July and October. Not all internships are available throughout the year. Specific internship periods are listed on each internship description page. Please state in your application which are your preferred periods. Due to session scheduling and accommodation reasons, we regret that we cannot accommodate requests for internships outside of these fixed periods. 

9.    Who should I list as my reference and what contact details should I include? 
Only you can know who are the best people to ask for a reference, but we recommend that these people should include an employer, an internship supervisor and/or a university professor. Whomever you select should be able to attest to your good character and ability to fulfill the role for which you are applying. You should ask them in advance if you can list them as a reference. Please include the following information: their full name, their title, their relationship to you (e.g. direct supervisor, thesis advisor, mentor), their organization, email address and telephone number. We will only contact referees for final round applicants. 

10.    Is there an age limitation for applying for an Internship? 
Yes. Salzburg Global Seminar challenges current and future leaders to shape a better world. Our Internship Program is especially tailored to those future leaders and thus designed for young professionals. If you are under 18 years old, please wait a couple of years and sign up to our newsletter for upcoming internship opportunities: And if you are over 30 years old, share this opportunity to a younger future leader and consider applying for one of our programs instead:  

11.    How long is an Internship?
All Internships are scheduled for three months, starting from your date of arrival. 

12.    Can the Internship period be extended?
No. The Internship period may not be extended because of Austrian labor law and visa regulations. Therefore 90 days is the maximum length that Interns can work for Salzburg Global. 

13.    What are the roles and responsibilities of an Intern?
The roles and responsibilities of an Intern will vary depending on the specific Internship. Please see the Internship descriptions for more information. All Interns are responsible for working with all staff members to support upcoming sessions and Salzburg Global’s program activities in general. 

14.    Do I need a visa to work as an Intern in Salzburg?
If you are not a citizen of the European Union, you will need a visa for your Internship. Upon your acceptance of the Internship, the Internship Program Manager will contact you regarding the appropriate visa application paperwork and process. 

15.    Does Salzburg Global provide any kind of accommodation?
Yes. Interns are housed in the Intern Apartment in the Meierhof, located right beside Schloss Leopoldskron. Interns will have access to shared bedrooms, en suite bathrooms, and a shared kitchen and living room. There are no lodging fees for Interns, with the exception of a €100 security deposit to be returned at the end of the Internship. 

16.    Will I be informed about the outcome of my application in any case?
Yes. The Salzburg Global team will contact each applicant regarding the status of their application by November 30, 2019. 

17.    Do I need to be able to speak German to take part in the Internship program?
No. English is the working language of Salzburg Global. Therefore, Interns are not required to speak German. However, if you are a German speaker or hope to practice your German language skills, there are plenty of opportunities to speak German. 

18.   What language should I use in my application for an internship?
Applications have to be submitted in English. Further, please note that the working language of Salzburg Global is English, therefore a very good knowledge of this language is an essential requirement to do an internship (both excellent writing and communication skills).

19.   Do I receive payment for this internship?
The internships are not paid. However, Salzburg Global provides interns with room and board at Schloss Leopoldskron, travel from and return to the Intern’s country of residence, insurance, and visa processing assistance. Visa costs have to be paid by the applicant.


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This information only pertains to Salzburg Global Internships in Salzburg. Salzburg Global does not currently offer Internships in the Washington, DC Office.

1.    Will I get training? 
Yes. All Interns will receive training for their specific Internship duties at the beginning of the Internship.

2.    Am I insured during my Internship?
During their three-month stay at Salzburg Global, interns are covered by an accident and health insurance policy purchased by Salzburg Global. It does not cover pre-existing conditions, dental expenses, or replacement of eyeglasses. Personal possessions, such as laptops, cameras, etc., must be covered by your own travel insurance. 

3.    Do I have to bring my own laptop?
No. Salzburg Global provides all Interns with a desktop computer and all necessary software. There is also a pool of shared laptop computers and digital cameras for Communications Team Interns to use during sessions. If you wish to bring your own equipment with you, this must be covered by your own travel insurance. 

4.    Do I have to share a room? 
Yes. Each Intern will share a single sex bedroom. The bedrooms are located in Intern Apartment in the Meierhof and have en suite bathrooms. All Interns will also have access to the facilities in the shared Intern apartment, including a living room, a dining table, and a kitchen. 

5.    How will meals work while living at the Schloss?
During the working week, a hot meal is provided every day for lunch for all staff; lunch is provided for Interns on the weekend also. Groceries are provided from the kitchen of Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron so that interns can cook their own breakfast and dinner in the Intern Apartment.

During sessions, all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are eaten with the session participants. Vegetarian options are available for those who need them. Although the kitchen cannot make special accommodations for vegan diets or those with food allergies, those with special dietary needs can often find suitable options among the regular meals.

6.    What clothes should I bring? What is the dress code?
The dress standard at Salzburg Global is business casual. When sessions are taking place, Interns as well as all staff are expected to dress in smart business attire.  

7.    How much money should I bring?
It is recommended that all Interns come to Salzburg with at least some spending money. Interns are asked to pay a €100 security deposit on their rooms at the beginning of the Internship, and may also be asked to take a taxi from the airport to the Schloss (which will be reimbursed). The amount of additional money that you will need depends on what activities you plan to do during your free time. 

8.    What is the laundry situation?
Interns will have access to two shared washing machines and laundry detergent is provided. A dryer is available, although most Interns choose to hang their clothes on a rack to dry. 

9.    Do the Intern rooms have Wi-Fi?
Yes. Wi-Fi is available throughout the Schloss and the Meierhof, including in the Intern Apartment.

10.    What facilities do the Intern bedrooms and bathrooms have?
Each Intern has a single bed. All Interns are provided with bed linens and towels, which are replaced regularly. Each room has storage for clothes, including a hanging rail. In each en suite bathroom, toilet paper, a hairdryer and an outlet for electric razors are provided. Toiletries are not provided but can be easily purchased in Salzburg. 

11.    Is there any specific adapter that I need for the outlets for my electrical appliances?
Yes. Interns traveling from outside of the EU will need to purchase a two-pronged European adaptor. These are easy to find online or in most electrical appliance stories, but can also be purchased in Salzburg when you arrive. 

12.    Is there a nightly curfew?
No; however, the front door of the Schloss is generally locked at 22.00, and Interns are recommended to take their key whenever they leave the Schloss grounds. 

13.    I would like to visit another city (i.e. Vienna), would I be able to stay a night?
While Interns are permitted to travel during their internship, as some sessions and/or preparation work takes place over the weekend, we ask that Interns do not make any travel plans until they have started their internship and have received their session assignments. All travel arrangements should be made in agreement with the Internship Program Manager. 

14.    Can my friends and family visit me during my Internship?
Yes. Interns are permitted to have friends or family visit during their internship, however we ask that friends and family do not visit during sessions. Subject to availability, Interns may reserve rooms at Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron for friends and family at the discounted staff rate. 

15.    What would an average day/week schedule look like during the internship?
An average day or week schedule will vary depending on the internship (communications, library, development, or program), the number of sessions occurring during the internship, and whether or not a session is occurring during the week. On a non-session week, Interns will report to the office at 09:00 each morning, and work independently and with other Interns/staff members on a variety of projects until 17:00 in the evening. Interns will also attend lunch in the middle of the day with the rest of the staff, and will cook breakfast and dinner on their own/with the other Interns in the Intern Apartment. 

During a session, the Interns who have been assigned to that session will eat all meals with the session participants (other interns may also join, depending on space). Interns will also perform specific tasks to support the session throughout the day, and will often work longer work days during sessions.

16.    Will I work on every session that happens during my Internship?
Not necessarily. While Program Interns and Interns with the Communications Team should expect to work on most or all of the sessions that occur during their Internship, all Interns will have the opportunity at the beginning of the Internship to say which programs are the most interesting for them. These preferences will be taken into consideration when assigning specific sessions to each Intern. 


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This information only pertains to Salzburg Global Internships in Salzburg. Salzburg Global does not currently offer Internships in the Washington, DC Office.

1.    What is the weather like in Salzburg?
Salzburg is located in the Austrian Alps and thus has a fairly temperate but changeable climate. 

During the summer (June, July, August), daytime highs can vary between 18°C and 30°C. The evenings can be cooler and thunderstorms are frequent. There is no air-conditioning in the Schloss or Meierhof, including the Intern Offices or Apartment. In the summer months, local Salzburgers like to swim in the local lakes and canals. There is also a public outdoor swimming pool next door to the Schloss. Hiking in the surrounding mountains is also popular.

During the winter (December, January, February), temperatures are usually between roughly 5°C and 10°C, however there can be periods in the winter where temperatures are consistently below 0°C. There is central heating throughout the Schloss and Meierhof, including the Intern Offices and Apartment. In the winter months, Salzburgers like to snowshoe and ski in the surrounding mountains. 

During the spring and fall, the weather can be highly changeable with lows of 5°C and highs of 25°C.

Salzburg receives a lot of rain throughout the year, with snow in the winter. 

Interns should come prepared for the weather with raincoats all year round, and warm clothes and proper shoes for the winter time. Appropriate business casual attire is required all year round, including in the summer months. There are many clothes stores in Salzburg, including suppliers for outdoor pursuits such as swimming, hiking, skiing, etc. 

2.    Is Salzburg expensive?
Salzburg is generally not considered an expensive city, especially for Interns (whose food and accommodations are part of their Internship). While most museums and tours charge a fee, Interns are able to explore much of the scenic Old Town for free, and have been able to find inexpensive restaurants and other attractions in the city without difficulty. However, as is true in all cities, the amount of money Interns spend in Salzburg will vary depending on the frequency of their visits and the amount of shopping/sightseeing that they do. 

The Schloss is only a short walk into the city and Interns may use the bikes provided by Salzburg Global (a security deposit is required). Bus and rail passes can be bought for discounted rates. 

3.    Are credit cards accepted in Salzburg?
Yes. If you are traveling from outside of Austria, you may need to contact your bank and inquire into purchasing an international card or a “cash passport.” Contactless payment is not common. 

4.    Is Salzburg a safe city?
Yes. Salzburg is considered to be a safe city with a low crime rate. However, as is true in all cities, it is always a good idea to practice awareness and caution when traveling in the city, especially while alone or at night.  

5.    What is the local currency in Austria?
The local currency in Austria is the euro.

6.    Will I be able to explore Salzburg if I don’t speak any German?
Yes. Salzburg is a popular tourist destination. In the Old Town (the main tourist areas) of Salzburg in particular, many people speak English and will be able to communicate with you in English. However, if you learn some German before or during your Internship, this may be helpful (especially for traveling outside of Salzburg) and it is appreciated by many locals.