Our Alumni Network – The Salzburg Global Fellowship

Salzburg Global Seminar has always invested in rising leaders as an essential part of long-term change management. Online and through events around the world, Salzburg Global nurtures ongoing relationships and engagement, and hosts vibrant cross-sector discussions to stimulate the exchange of new ideas and innovative practices.

Since our inception in 1947 more than 36,000 participants from over 170 countries have attended our programs and thus became alumni, or, as we call them, Fellows of Salzburg Global Seminar, building an exceptional network of talent. Many came to Schloss Leopoldskron at inflection points in their careers and now hold leadership positions in business, international and national government, media, academia, civil society organizations, science and the arts across all global regions.

While Salzburg Global regularly draws on this wellspring of leadership for collaboration and expertise to further improve our strategic programming, the Fellowship department is designed to serve our Fellows by helping them to reach broader audiences when communicating organizational and individual success stories and by connecting them with valuable new contacts in their region or thematic field, thereby creating long term collaborative hubs as drivers for global change.

So if you are a Fellow and you would like to update us on your achievements, get in touch with other alumni in your region, meet Fellows when on a business trip, or recommend your colleagues to participate in an upcoming session, please send an E-mail to