Fellows by City or Regional Hub

Abu Dhabi
Buenos Aires
Cape Town
New Orleans
Mekong Delta
Rhodes Scholars
Upper Midwest USA


Devin Allen

Photographer, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Carly Bales

Performance Artist & Cultural Organizer; Executive Director, Le Mondo; Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Quinton Batts

Design Researcher, MICA Center for Social Design, Baltimore, USA

Jermaine Bell

Programming Director, Exittheapple Artspace, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Priya Bhayana

Director, Bromo Tower Arts & Entertainment District, Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Andrea Boston


Meryam Bouadjemi

Filmmaker and Founder, Jean Hill Studios, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Scott Burkholder

Executive Director, Baltimore Love Project, Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Shawn Burnett

Co-Founder and Executive Director, Walks of Art, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Rebecca Chan

Program Officer, LISC National Creative Placemaking and Economic Development Program, Baltimore, USA

Sharayna Ashanti Christmas

Executive Director, Muse 360 Arts, Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Nicholas Cohen

Executive Director, Maryland Citizens for the Arts, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Zeke Cohen

Councilperson and Chair of Education and Youth Committee, Baltimore City, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Retji Dakum

CEO, Mukad Yara LLC, Baltimore, USA

Joy Davis

Director and Curator, Waller Gallery, Baltimore, USA

Julia Di Bussolo

Executive Director, Arts Every Day, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Alexis Dixon

Arts Administrator, Curator, Visual Artist; Executive Assistant, Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Dave Eassa

Visual Artist; Manager of Community Engagement, Baltimore Museum of Art; Baltimore, Maryland, USA

David Fakunle

Pre-Doctoral Fellow, Drug Dependence Epidemiology Training Program, Department of Mental Health, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, USA

Brian Gerardo

Entrepreneur, Dancer, Teaching Artist, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Brion Gill

Spoken Word Artist, Poetry Coach, Activist, Organizer and Educator, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Deana Haggag

Director, The Contemporary Museum of Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Brooke Hall

Co-Founder, Light City/ What Works Studios, Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Cadeatra Harvey

Creative and Emerging Entrepreneur, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Sammy Hoi

President, Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Fred Lazarus IV

President Emeritus, Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Kimberly Loper

Designer and Project Manager, Baltimore, USA

Gianna Rodriguez

Executive Director, Baltimore Youth Arts, Baltimore, USA

Jess Solomon

Senior Program Officer, Robert W. Deutsch Foundation, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Ben Stone

Director of Arts & Culture, Smart Growth America/Transportation for America, Detroit, MI

Maggie Villegas

Executive Director, Baltimore Creatives Acceleration Network, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Kira Wisniewski

Executive Director, Art+Feminism, Baltimore, USA

Bilphena Yahwon

Writer; Outreach Coordinator, Restorative Response Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Buenos Aires

Marcos Amadeo

Chief of Staff, EDUCAR S.E National Ministry of Education, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Alejandra Angarita Chahín


Juan Francisco Baron

Creative Director, NODO - Centro Cultural Digital, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Cecilia Bunge

Founder and Project Manager, Recursos Culturales, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Lu Chait

Educator, AulaVereda Villa 31, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sebastian Chuffer

CEO, Cineastas del Futuro, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Gabriel Costa

Journalist; Director, Conventillo Babel Magazine, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Paz Begué

Director, VERDEVER, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Verónica del Carril

Chief of Institutional Development, Brotes Atelier, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Nicolás García Mayor

President, Fundacionar, Buenos Aires, Argentina

María Gómez

President, Cooperativa Eloísa Cartonera, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Josefina Goñi Bacigalupi

Director, Dibago, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Maria Greloni

Latin America Regional Director of Communication and Online Campaigns, Wingu, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ian Hilzerman

Director of Operations, MakePogo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Lala Pasquinelli

Founder, Mujeres que no fueron tapa (Women who were not on the cover), Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mariano Pozzi

Image and Sound Designer, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ro Rapoport

Singer, Guitar Player & Composer; Co-Founder, Blazar; Buenos Aires, Argentina

Maria Florencia Rivieri


Moira Rubio Brennan

Co-Director, Fundación ph 15, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Maria Laura Sanchez Ferreyra

Program Officer, Microcredit Program for Habitat, Vivienda Digna, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Lucía Santana

Co-founder, CommunityOn!, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tatiana Temerlin

Coordinator /Teacher, Upa Luna / Tapioca Films, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Randell Adjei

Executive and Creative Director of (Reaching Intelligent Souls Everywhere) R.I.S.E Edutainment, Toronto, Canada

Jonathan Astley

Centre Director (Moncton), Sistema, New Brunswick, Canada

Belle Chi-Tung Cheung

Cultural Planner, City of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Marika Crete-Reizes

Arts education consulting and project design, Research, Training in aesthetic education, Montreal, Canada

Alyssa Fearon

Curator, Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

Kathryn Green

Executive Director, inPath, Canada

Emma Hassencahl-Perley

Curatorial Intern, Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Canada

Frances Koncan

Playwright, Manitoba Theatre Centre, Canada

Samantha Mark

Senior Manager of Regional and Community Planning , Prairie Wild Consulting Co., Saskatchewan, Canada.

Brian McBay

Executive Director, 221A; Vice-Chair, City of Vancouver's Arts & Culture Policy Council, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Trenton Pierre

Owner, Rain Awakens, Canada

Marco Pronovost

General Manager and Artistic Director, B21; Curator, Maison de la Photo de Montréal, Montréal, Québec, Canada

Michael Prosserman

CEO, EPIC Leadership xChange, Canada

Xavier Roy

Director of Marketing, Opéra de Montréal, Québec, Canada

Daniel Rumbolt

Board Member, Canadian Artist`s Representation, Canada

Jung-Suk (JS) Ryu

Executive Director, Indefinite Arts Centre, Canmore, Alberta, Canada

Nikki Shaffeeullah

Artistic Director, The AMY Project, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Patrick Shannon

Owner, InnoNative, Skidegate, British Columbia, Canada

Su Ying Strang

Director, The New Gallery, Alberta, Canada

Alison Uttley

Communications Director, Business for Peace, Canada

Lindsey Mae Willie

Filmmaker; Traditional L& & Governance Coordinator, Dzawada'enuxw First Nation; Dzawada'enuxw, British Columbia, Canada

Jenna Winter

Administrator, Producer, Facilitator; Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada

Helen Yung

Artist-Researcher, Culture of Cities Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Maia Asshaq

Co-founder, Detroit Art Book Fair; Co-Founder, DittoDitto Books, Detroit, MI

Tazeen Ayub

Co-Director of Detroit Chapter, Gathering All Muslim Artists, Detroit, USA

Christy Bieber

Anishinaabe Artist & Cultural Worker; Co-Director, The Aadizookaan, Detroit, Michigan, USA

Xochitl Calix Ulloa

Economic and Cultural Strategist, The Aadizookan, Detroit, USA

Dominique Campbell

Co-Founder, Hip-Hop Artist, Social Entrepreneur, D.Cipher/NLR Entertainment, Detroit, USA

Chase Cantrell

Executive Director, Building Community Value, Detroit, Michigan, USA

Shelley Danner

Program Director, Challenge Detroit, Detroit, Michigan, USA

Julien Godman

Contributing Writer, The Metropolitan, Detroit, USA

Melvin Henley

Organizational Development Consultant, Nonprofit Enterprise at Work (NEW), Detroit, Michigan, USA

Sebastian Jackson

Founder & Co-Owner, The Social Club Grooming Company, Detroit, Michigan, USA

Razi Jafri

Documentary Filmmaker, Center for Arab American Studies, Detroit, Michigan, USA

Robert-David Jones

Founder and Director, Untitled Detroit, Detroit, USA

Brittany Rhodes

Director of Community Engagement, Belle Isle Conservancy, Detroit, Michigan, USA

Lauren Rossi

Founder, Stellar Friend & Partner, Michigan, Detroit, USA

Karah Shaffer

Executive Director, Facing Change: Documenting America, Detroit, Michigan, USA

Alissa Shelton

Executive Director, Bank Suey/Brick + Beam Detroit, Detroit, Michigan, USA

Phillip Simpson

Artist; Gallery Owner, The Baltimore Gallery, Detroit, Michigan, USA

Rebecca Willis

Design Consultant, Bleeding Heart Design, Detroit, Michigan, USA

Christopher Yepez

Director, The Aadizookaan, Detroit, Michigan, USA


Shuko Ebihara

Founder & Director, kuriya, Tokyo, Japan

Akio Hayashi

Managing Director, inVisible, Tokyo, Japan

Sadayuki Higuchi

Independent Arts Administrator, Arts NPO Link, Kyoto, Japan

Misaki Iwai

Event and Collaboration Manager, Impact HUB Tokyo, Japan

Miku Kano

Member, ISHINOMAKI 2.0, Ishinomaki, Japan

Yuki Kato

Musician, Artist, Creative Director; Producer, UQiYO, Tokyo, Japan

Toshimasa Kawai

COO, Fabcafe LLP, Tokyo, Japan

Fuyuko Mezawa

Dancer & Company Manager, Baobab Dance Company, Tokyo, Japan

Yu Nakamura


Yoko Nakashima

Representative, The Yoko Foundation, Japan

Risa Nikaido

Freelance Animation Producer, Tokyo, Japan

Chika Ogi

Specialist, Corporate and Project Planning, Shochiku Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan

Yuki Oka

Founder & Managing Director, Ubdobe, Tokyo, Japan

Nana Ota

Program Director, Daiwa Anglo Japanese Foundation, London, UK

Kensaku Shinohara

Freelance Choreographer, Japan

Kyoko Sudo

Founder & Chairman, People Design Institute; Founder, NEXTIDEVOLUTION and Fujiyama Store, Tokyo, Japan

Eisuke Tachikawa

Founder, CEO & Design Architect, Nosigner, Yokohama, Japan

Mami Takahashi

Community Manager, Hub Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

Shino Tsuchiya

Co-Founder & Director, HUB Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

Yuki Uchida

Urban Designer & Co-representative of Re:public Inc, Tokyo, Japan

Kotaro Watanabe

Design engineer, Director, Takram, Tokyo, Japan

Mio Yachita

Research Associate, Graduate School of Global Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo, Japan

Ayaka Yamashita

Co-founder and Director, EDAYA, Japan

Akinobu Yoshikawa

Senior Design Fellow, MakiBiz, Ishinomaki, Miyagi (previously Architecture for Humanity), Sendai, Japan

Mitsuhiro Yoshimoto

Director, Center for Arts and Culture, NLI Research Institute, Tokyo, Japan


Calley Anderson

Playwright; formerly Inclusion Manager, Memphis Symphony Orchestra, Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Ebony Archie

Communications and Development Manager, Urban Art Commission, Memphis, USA

Burton Bridges

Associate Director of Field Development, ALSAC/St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Claire Brulatour

Program Management Coordinator, BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee, Memphis, USA

James Dukes

CEO, Unapologetic LLC, Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Steven Fox

Founder, The Story Agents, Memphis Tennessee, USA

Whitney Hardy

Founder, 3RDSPACE, Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Victoria Jones

Executive Director, The CLTV (Collective), Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Lauren Kennedy

Executive Director, UrbanArt Commission, Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Rachel Knox

Program Officer - Thriving Arts and Culture, Hyde Family Foundation, Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Steven McMahon

Company dancer, Choreographic and Associate Artistic Director, Ballet Memphis, Memphis, TN

Jazmin Miller

Theatre Director, Crosstown Arts, Memphis, USA

Chloe Hakim-Moore

Founder & Director of NEXT Memphis

Ian Nunley

Project Manager, Innovate Memphis, Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Yasmine Omari

Marketing & Education Outreach Coordinator, Germantown Performing Arts Centre, Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Dan Price

Co-Founder & Executive Director, Creative Works, Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Molly Quinn

Executive Director, OUTMemphis: The LGBTQ+ Center for the Mid-South, Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Elena Stoeva

Marketing and PR Manager, Galler Foods, Memphis, Tennessee, USA


Noémie Anneg

Dancer, Bodhi Project Dance Company, Salzburg, Austria

Tatjana Borodin

Student, University of Applied Arts Vienna, Austria

Silvija Ciuladyte

Founder, CROSSROADS Festival, Salzburg, Austria

Gerhard Feldbacher

Designer & Architect, Salzburg, Austria

David Fisslthaler

Designer, Thinker, Artist, Salzburg, Austria

David Grethen

Author, Creative, Marketing Innovator, Salzburg, Austria

Astrid Grossgasteiger

Director, Salzburg State Theater, Salzburg, Austria

Katharina Kapsamer

Visual Artist & Cultural Worker, Salzburg & Vienna, Austria

Thomas Layer-Wagner

Creative Entrepreneur, University of Applied Science Salzburg/ Polycular, Salzburg, Austria

Matthias Leboucher

Musician; Co-Founder, New Art and Music Ensemble Salzburg (NAMES), Salzburg, Austria

Stefano Mori

Architect & Project Manager, Studio Anna Heringer, Salzburg, Austria

Martin Murer

Research Fellow, Center for Human-Computer Interaction, University of Salzburg, Salzburg, Austria

Irina Paraschivoiu

Research Fellow, Center for Human-Computer Interaction, University of Salzburg, Austria

Robert Praxmarer

Founder, Polycular, Hallein, Austria

Sergej Pumper

Chairman, Urban Foundation, Salzburg, Austria

Christian Riedlsperger

Lab Manager, Happy Lab, Salzburg, Austria

Seda Röder

Co-Founder, Sonophilia

Simone Rudolph

Communications & Assistant to the Director, Salzburg Summer Academy of Fine Arts, Salzburg, Austria

Annelies Senfter

Visual Artist, Salzburg, Austria

Romy Sigl

Lead Partner, Citylabor Salzburg; Founder, CoWorking Salzburg, Founder, Auf*Wind, Salzburg, Austria

Andreas Vierziger

Artistic & Strategic Consultant, Salzburg, Austria

Rüdiger Wassibauer

Artistic Director, Schmiede Hallein, Hallein, Austria

Alexander Wengler

Dancer, Choreographer; Cultural Manager, Kunsthilfe Salzburg, Austria

Angelika Wienerroither

Journalist, Salzburger Nachrichten, Salzburg, Austria

Lucy Wilhelm

Lucy Wilhelm Design, Mondsee, Austria

Christian Winkler

Cultural Manager, Curator & Texter, Salzburg, Austria


Minseok Chi

Artist, ARKO, South Korea

In Dong Cho

Director General, Seoul Innovation Department, Seoul, Korea

Donghee Cho

Founder, Well Done Project, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Ala Cho

Head Curator, Gwanghwamun International Art Festival Organizing Committee, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Hannah Choi

Museum Instructor, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Korea, Seoul, Korea

Minji Chun

Coordinator and Editor, TheArtro, Korea Arts Management Service, Seoul, Korea

Zoe Chun

Director, The Great Commission, Seoul

Hojin Im

Artist, Yoyojin Creative Lab, South Korea

YeiBeech Jang

Assistant Professor, Ajou University, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Yejeong Ji

President and Co-Founder, Omkim, Seoul, Korea

Namhee Joo

Program Manager, Chungnam Arts & Culture Foundation, Seoul, Republic of Korea

SoonYoung Kim

Project Director, Playmakers Project, Work Together Foundation, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Hyun KIM

Assistant Programme Specialist, Publication and Public Relations Team, Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding under the auspices of UNESCO (UNESCO Category II Centre), Seoul, Korea

Sara Kim

Founder & Principal, Diagonal Thoughts, Seoul, Korea

Mihong Kim

Urban Designer & Curator; Public Official, Smart City Development, Geumcheon-gu Office, Seoul Metropolitan Government; Seoul, Republic of Korea

Gukhee Kim

Author, South Korea

Youngji Kwon

Assistant Manager, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture(SFAC), Seoul, South Korea

Ji Young Lee

Deputy Chief Executive, Hwansang Forest Gotjawal Park, Seoul, Korea

Haevan Lee

Artist, Arts Council Korea, South Korea

Hyunwoo Moon

Founder, Korea Cultural Diplomacy Team Arirang Yurangdan, Suwon, Republic of Korea

Jooim Moon

Senior Researcher, World Culture Open (WCO), Seoul, Republic of Korea

Yeong Yeol Oh

CEO, Bicycle of Promise, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Soo Chung Om

Founder and CEO, Space Seon, Republic of Korea

Jiwon Park

Co-Founder & Director, Design Can Do, Seoul, Korea

SungSoo Park

Founder & Representative, BLEND Company, Seoul, Korea


Sonila Abdalli

Co-Founder, Destil Creative Hub, Albania

Bora Baboci

Architect & Visual Artist, Tirana, Albania

Anila Balla

Theater Director and Actor, Albania

Tereza Çuni

Head of Communication and Promotion, Marubi National Museum of Photography, Shkodër, Albania

Taulant Dibra

Founder and CEO, TD architecture Studio, Shkodra, Albania

Kleidi Eski

Founder and Creative Director, Light and Moving, Tirana, Albania

Elkjana Gjipali

Adviser to the Minister, Ministry of Culture, Tirana, Albania

Bledi Hoxha

Project Coordinator for Entrepreneurship, Albanian-American Development Foundation, Tirana, Albania

Bruno Ismaili

Cultural Coordinator, Tirana Ekspres, Tirana, Albania

Mirela Kocollari

Director, Cultural Heritage and Tourism at the Municipality of Tirana, Albania

Alketa Kurrizo

Program Coordinator, Tirana Institute of Contemporary Art, Tirana, Albania

Anisa Lloja

Program Staff, Cultural Heritage without Borders Albania; Co-Founder, Nji Mar, Nji Mrapsht; Tirana, Albania

Anisa Mano

Community Development Manager, Cultural Heritage without Borders Albania, Tirana, Albania

Kreshnik Merxhani

Freelance Architect, Tirana, Albania

Kibela Nasufi

Consultant for BID Berati, Albanian-American Development Foundation, Tirana, Albania

Anisa Papajani

Senior Sales Account Executive, Vodafone, Tirana, Albania

Ilir Parangoni

Coordinator of Cultural and Eco Tourism, Albanian-American Development Foundation, Tirana, Albania

Marius Qytyku

Specialist of Cultural Heritage and Arts, Municipality of Berat, Berat, Albania

Andi Tepelena

Producer & Art Director, Art Kontakt, Tirana, Albania

Dorina Xheraj-Subashi

Lecturer and Researcher in Museology, University Aleksander Moisiu--ICOM Albania, Albania

Upper Midwest USA

Michele Anderson

Rural Program Director, Springboard for the Arts, Fergus Falls, Minnesota, USA

Korina Barry

Director of Outreach, Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Adrienne Benjamin

Mille Lacs Regional Equity Champion for the Minnesota Education Equity Partnership, Isle, Minnesota, USA

Shaina Brassard

Community Development Specialist, Brassard Group LLC, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Zach DeBoer

Artist, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA

Holly Doll

President and Founder, Native Artists United, Upper Midwest, USA

Alayna Eagle Shield

Health Education Program Director, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, Mandan, North Dakota, USA

Amber Henderson

Assistant Professor of Marketing, Northern State University, Aberdeen, South Dakota, USA

Kyle Hill

Clinical Training Director, Indian Health Board, Minneapolis, USA

Lucas Koski

Director of Property Development, Artspace, Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA

Sieng Lee

Artist & Designer, Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA

Amanda Lovelee

Parks Ambassador, Metropolitan Council, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Aneesha Marwah

Project Manager, Consulting and Strategic Partnershi, Artspace Projects Inc., Upper Midwest, USA

Heather Meyer

Improv Performer, The Theatre of Public Policy, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Muna Mohamed

Program Coordinator, Girls on the Run, Upper Midwest, USA

Dina Mousa

Writer, San Diego, California, USA

Carla Schleicher

Artistic Programs and Project Coordinator, West Broadway Business and Area Coalition

Farrington Starnes

Advocacy and Community Organizer, Heritage Park Neighborhood Association, Minneapolis, USA

Altman Studeny

Teaching Artist, South Dakota Arts Council, South Dakota, USA

Carl Swanson

Associate Director, Springboard for the Arts, Minneapolis, MN, USA

Caroline Taiwo

Program Director of Economic Opportunity, Springboard for the Arts, Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA

Moira Villiard

Community Organizer, Muralist, Visual Artist, Minnesota, USA

Chaun Webster

Poet and Graphic Designer; Co-Founder, Ancestry Books

Adam Wiltgen

Development Director, Anderson Center for Interdisciplinary Studies, Red Wing, Minnesota, USA

Angela Zonunpari

Arts Writer and Artist, Sioux Falls, USA