The Global Innovations on Youth Violence, Safety and Justice initiative seeks to tackle youth violence and promote youth safety and criminal justice reform. Launching in 2021, this major multi-year initiative will bring together diverse stakeholders, including young adults, to address the legal, economic, and social weaknesses and inefficiencies of judicial and custodial systems across multiple jurisdictions. 


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Youth Justice

5 Lessons from Peacebuilding through Youth Clubs

Salzburg Global Fellow Samuel Karuita reflects on how he helped create a network of peace clubs in Kenya

Salzburg Global Launches Major New Cross-National Collaboration on Criminal Justice Reform

New multi-year series Global Innovations on Youth Violence, Safety, and Justice  is supported by MacArthur Foundation, the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation, and the David Rockefeller Fund

Actions We Are Taking

Salzburg Global lays out the first actions it is taking to support its Commitment to a Better World

Commitment to a Better World

Salzburg Global Seminar opposes injustice and racism in all its forms. We stand in solidarity with all those demanding equal protection and freedom of expression under the law. We commit to work with our Fellows, partners and leading voices to end systemic violence and discrimination and transform societies for good.

Change Makers Leadership Program Launches in Nigeria

Students participate in a Salzburg Global-inspired leadership training program

First Class of Change-Makers Graduate from Salzburg Global-Inspired Program to Tackle Extremism

Students take part in pilot program to combat extremism and promote pluralism in Africa

Fellow Updates - Youth, Economics and Violence

Updates from our Fellows of the session Youth, Economics and Violence: Implications for Future Conflict

Youth, Economics, and Violence - Implications for Future Conflict

New edition of the session report from Youth, Economics, and Violence: Implications for Future Conflict published, featuring Fellow interviews and op-eds

Youth, Economics and Violence - Implications for Future Conflict

Youth leaders, researchers and policy-makers come to Salzburg to address the future of global youth
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