The Health and Health Care Innovation series puts people and communities at the heart of systems transformation for healthy societies. Through expanding partnerships, the series works with public and private sector decision makers to enhance strategic leadership and foresight, prioritizing patients’ wants and needs in health care and empowering citizens to lead healthier lives.


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Improving Access to Dementia Care Resources in Rural Communities

Salzburg Global Fellow Mary Pat Sullivan discusses her research and improving dementia care in remote and rural Canadian communities

Developing a Digital Paper Trail for Better Health

Salzburg Global Fellow Louise Schaper discusses the "global problem" of paper-based health care systems and the need to move toward digital health care

New Timeliness Metrics Seek to Improve Pandemic Preparedness

Fellows devise first-ever “One Health” timeliness metrics to track improvements in disease surveillance

Building Healthy Communities: What Is Yours To Do? 

Public health urbanist Nupur Chaudhury says that the time for building healthier communities is not after the pandemic but now

How Can Urban Planning Contribute to Building Health Equity?

Chair of the Salzburg Global program on Building Healthy, Equitable Communities: The Role of Inclusive Urban Development and Investment, Sharon Roerty writes for The BMJ on what can be done to make cities a more healthy place to live

Building Healthier Communities

Fellows of Salzburg Global programs on healthier and more equitable communities pen blog series for The BMJ

Confronting Power and Privilege for Inclusive, Equitable and Healthy Communities

Salzburg Global Fellows set out a call to interrogate power and analyze privilege to create and sustain healthy communities 

Bringing a First Nations Perspective to the Program

Cultural practice advisor Louisa Whettam discusses nutrition in First Nations communities

“Gangsta” Gardening and Changing People’s Lives

Ron Finley on the fight against complex systems, growing together, and actionable outcomes

Childhood Obesity: Holding Back the Water

Addressing a complex problem means a new way of thinking about what we're trying to do, argue Salzburg Global Fellows Rich Taunt, Pasha Elstrak, and Vincent Busch
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