The Salzburg Global Finance Forum tackles issues critical to the future of financial markets and global economic growth and stability. Created in 2011, its annual meeting facilitates candid in-depth analysis of strategic challenges and emerging risks by senior and rising leaders from financial services firms, supervisory and regulatory authorities, and professional service providers. 

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Festivals Declare Emergency?

Co-founder and former director of the London International Festival of Theatre (LIFT), Rose de Wend Fenton, considers how festivals can respond to the triple emergencies of climate, COVID-19, and Black Lives Matter

Inaugural Finance Forum Webinar Explores Future of European Union

Panel of experts look at long-term consequences of a German European Central Bank ruling for the future of the European Union and Eurozone

In the Spirit of European Cooperation

Introductory remarks by Yves Mersch, member of the Executive Board of the ECB and vice-chair of the Supervisory Board of the ECB, at Salzburg Global Finance Forum webinar

Living Up to Your Reputation and Adding Value

Eugene Ludwig, founder and CEO of Promontory Financial Group shares insight on building his reputation and the importance of implementing financial advice

Financial Services in the 2020s: Tectonic Shifts and New Landscapes

Report from the latest program of the Salzburg Global Finance Forum now online

5 Risks the World Needs to Get Real About

From climate change to the erosion of trust, the world is facing many challenges. Before we can find solutions we need to well-understand the problems

5 Ways AI is Changing our World for the Better

Man has long feared the rise of the machine – his own creation becoming smarter and more intelligent than he. But while artificial intelligence and machine learning are rapidly changing our world and powering the Fourth Industrial Revolution, humanity does not need to be afraid

Financial Services in the 2020s - Tectonic Shifts and New Landscapes

Latest program of the Salzburg Global Finance Forum to focus on key long-term trends and scenarios for financial services

Salzburg Global Fellow Randal K Quarles to Chair Financial Stability Board

US Federal Reserve Governor to chair international regulations body

The Promise and Perils of Technology - Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cybercrime and FinTech

Latest report from the Salzburg Global Finance Forum now available to download, read and share
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