The Culture, Arts and Society series harnesses the transformative power of the arts to shape a better world. Through future-focused programs and projects, it raises the profile of culture and the arts in policy agendas, catalyzes exchange across disciplines and sectors, and sustains a unique creative community across continents.

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Culture, Arts and Society
Young Cultural Innovators Forum

Can Festivals Help Us Imagine a Future Again?

Cultural sociologist Monica Sassatelli considers how festivals can help us face up to risk and uncertainty

Salzburg Global Fellows Selected for WISE Emerging Leaders Program

Andrea Fahed and Wairimu Mwangi among 23 leaders chosen for 2021 cohort

Festivals Declare Emergency?

Co-founder and former director of the London International Festival of Theatre (LIFT), Rose de Wend Fenton, considers how festivals can respond to the triple emergencies of climate, COVID-19, and Black Lives Matter

The Future of Mega-Events… and Festivals’ Crucial Role

Director of CC:RO | Cities of Culture Research Observatory at the University of Liverpool, Beatriz Garcia, explains why the future of mega-events, like the Olympics, is tied to the future of festivals

Awaking to the Different International and the Different Local

Artistic director of TheatreWorks and founder of the International Curators Academy in Singapore, Keng Sen Ong, on returning festivals to their origins and reconsidering their international and local lenses in a post-pandemic “new normal”

“Native Christmas” – How Festivals Can Lead to Cultural Resurgence

Executive director of the imagineNATIVE Film and Media Arts Festival in Canada, Jason Ryle, on the importance of the Festival in expanding authentic representations of First Nations people

Tourism, the Visible, the Hidden, and the Ignored in Urban Heritage Festivals

Anthropologist Ping-Ann Addo on the importance of seeing the real lives of the communities behind festivals

Breathing in the Network – New Forms of Cultural Solidarity through Online Festival Engagements

Director of the South African festival Vrystaat Kunstefees, Ricardo Peach, on how building connections between festivals will strengthen the sector as it recovers from COVID-19

Lessons from a Year in “Pandemia”

Minister of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires reflects on 2020 and the coronavirus crisis and where the Argentine capital’s culture scene goes from here

Beyond January 6, 2021 – What Future for a Festival in the Shadow of the Capitol?

Director of the Smithsonian Folklife Festival considers the 54-year-old Festival’s future in the wake of the antidemocratic insurrection

Salzburg Global Fellows Selected for WISE Emerging Leaders Program

Andrea Fahed and Wairimu Mwangi among 23 leaders chosen for 2021 cohort

Salzburg Global Fellows Receive Intercultural Achievement Award

Ralph Eya and Katharina Kapsamer receive praise for their project, "Smile at a Common," A New Genre Public Art Project from the People and for the People

Moving from Me to We Online in Times of COVID-19

The Salzburg Global Forum for Young Cultural Innovators moves fully online for 2020 - embracing both the challenges and opportunities of online convening

Young Cultural Innovators Join Forces in Magazine Global Fundraiser

Salzburg Global Seminar Fellows Lai, Xochitl Calix, and Moira Villiard come together to crowdfund emerging artists’ magazine

Support Our Pivot to Online Programming

In a video message, Salzburg Global President & CEO Stephen L. Salyer on how our organization is weathering the COVID-19 crisis

Young Cultural Innovators Win Major International Award

Salzburg Global Fellows Robert Praxmarer and Thomas Layer-Wagner recognized with inaugural Olympics of Innovation Challenge Award

Strengthening Early Childhood Education and Childcare Resources

Through her work with NEXT Memphis, Young Cultural Innovator Chloe Hakim-Moore aims to close opportunity gaps in early childhood education and childcare in Memphis

Moving from Me to We in the Upper Midwest: Creating “Deeply Human” Spaces Online

Young Cultural Innovators from the American Midwest “meet up” despite lockdown as regional program moves online

Creating Digital Connections Across American Cities

Young Cultural Innovators from across Baltimore, Detroit, Memphis and New Orleans “meet up” despite lockdown as regional program moves online

Responding to Civic Priorities through Public Art

Salzburg Global Fellows Alphonse Smith and Heidi Schmalbach help build artists’ capacity and address civic needs
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