The Salzburg Global American Studies Program fosters understanding and debate on America’s changing role in the world. With a distinguished track record since 1947, its annual symposia for professional leaders and scholars address topical questions affecting American culture, society and politics, analyze their global implications, and advance applied research.

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The President, the Press and the People

Join the 2021 American Studies Program, the next in our “What Future for American Democracy?” series

Salzburg Global Mourns the Loss of Ron Clifton

Beloved friend of Salzburg Global Seminar and former US diplomat died aged 84

New Administration – New Commitment to Global Health?

As President Biden recommits to the WHO and the international community, Salzburg Global Fellow Andrea Feigl, Thomas Roades, and Erin Gregor - all of the Health Finance Institute - argue the incoming administration should invest more in the global fight for better health

A New Era for American Studies

Seven decades after the first American studies seminar was held at Schloss Leopoldskron, a new era dawns with the launch of the American Studies Program

Gaining the Trust of both Gen Z and Cyber Seniors

Nicola Mann, associate professor of communications and visual cultures, examines how news outlets can counter the distrust of both their young and old consumers

The Changing Role of the Media in American Life and Culture: Emerging Trends

Latest report from the Salzburg Seminar American Studies Association (SSASA) symposium now online to read, download and share

The Life and Times of a News Bureau Chief in Washington

Elisabeth Bumiller, Washington bureau chief at the New York Times, discusses her career in journalism and day-to-day work

The Art of Dialogue and International Exchange

Vice director of the Communication and Culture Research Center at Peking University, Jing Xu, reflects on learning about China and other countries around the world

Using Film and Photos to Understand Complex Issues

Documentary filmmaker Azza Cohen discusses the power of visual storytelling

The Need for Critical Thinking and Co-operation

Russian research fellow Pavel Koshkin shares his perspective on US-Russia relations and how to curb fake news
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