The Holocaust Education and Genocide Prevention series promotes peace, reconciliation, and pluralist societies. Launched in 2010, it advances structured dialogue, research, knowledge-sharing and cross-border projects, engaging  educators, practitioners and museum curators from over 50 countries, many with recent experience of mass violence or rising extremism.

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The Importance of Teaching about the Holocaust in India in Light of Anti-Muslim Pogroms

Salzburg Global Fellow Navras Aafreedi highlights the significance of teaching about the Holocaust as India grapples with a wave of anti-Muslim sentiment

Pakistan’s Best Kept Secret: Lahore Museum 

Multi-time Salzburg Global Fellow, Anwar Akhtar on why his film – made with Ajoka Theatre – “Pakistan’s Best Kept Secret: Lahore Museum”, has much to say about peace, for both South Asia and the UK

This Is How One Man Has Spent His Life Studying the Roots of Good and Evil

Salzburg Global Fellow and award-winning professor Ervin Staub discusses his research, positive bystandership, working at 81, and what he still hopes to learn

Change Makers Leadership Program Launches in Nigeria

Students participate in a Salzburg Global-inspired leadership training program

Salzburg Global President's Report 2018

The 2018 edition of the Salzburg Global President’s Report presents the renewed mission and strategic framework of the organization, announces an exciting new campaign, and reviews each of the last year’s programs

Combating Extremism and Promoting Pluralism

The Salzburg Global Holocaust Education and Genocide Prevention series publishes new report 

Ayub Ayubi - “I Had No Time for Thinking Independently”

Pakistani social activist reflects on his past leading up to his current work of promoting de-radicalization and preventing violent extremism in his home country

Salzburg Global Holocaust Education and Genocide Prevention Program on the BBC World Service

Could lessons from the Holocaust help people overcome the divisions created by modern day extremism?

Sarah Alnemr - “Being Introduced to so Many Different Perspectives and Different Terminologies... Makes You Think More About the World”

As a television and film studies major at the Lebanese American University in Beirut, Egyptian college student Sarah AlNemr understands the complicated role media plays in society.

Obioma Uche - “If We Can Find Ways to Empower Women, They Will Not Fall Prey to the Ideology of Those Groups”

When examining violent extremism, women are often left out of the narrative. And for professor and chemical engineer Obioma Uche this is extremely problematic.
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