The Asia Peace Innovators Forum brings together mid-career professionals to promote peace and reconciliation through initiatives across the region. Launching in 2020, the Forum will connect innovators for peace across sectors through a transboundary network to exchange experience of community-driven approaches and best practices at practical workshops in both Salzburg and Asia.

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Can the Climate Crisis Bring India and Pakistan Together?

Salzburg Global Fellow Sadaf Taimur explores how responding to climate change could change India and Pakistan's relationship for the better

Empowering Immigrants Through Skills Training

Award-winning journalist and social development professional Salam Dharejo discusses how learning to stitch has improved the lives of hundreds of people in Karachi, Pakistan

India, Pakistan, and the Coming Climate-Induced Scramble for Water

Approaching the 75th-anniversary of the India-Pakistan partition, Salzburg Global Fellow Sadaf Taimur calls on each country's leaders to put climate crisis on the agenda

Using Education as a Tool to Raise Ethical Leaders in the Sahel

Through his work with the African Development University, Salzburg Global Fellow Oyindamola Johnson hopes to change the higher education system of the Sahel

Motivating Women Affected by Armed Conflict to Become Peacebuilders

Salzburg Global Fellow Jamila-Aisha P. Sanguila reflects on the work of Women Empowered to Act for Dialogue and Peace (WE Act)

Dismantling the Manacles of Ethnic Identity

Salzburg Global Fellow Mohamed Azad explores how two young journalists from different cultures realized ethnic identities are only human-made barriers to a peaceful coexistence

Education, Solidarity, and Support in the Time of the Coronavirus

Salzburg Global Fellow Salam Dharejo, taking part in the Asia Peace Innovators Forum, outlines the work of the Lyari’s Girls Café in Karachi, Pakistan, during a lockdown

Empowering Youth Through Conflict Sensitivity on Transboundary Water Conflict

Salzburg Global Fellow Sudarat Tuntivivat, taking part in the Asia Peace Innovators Forum, reflects on the role of young peacebuilders in the Mekong River basin

Youth Engagement and the Peacebuilding Process

Salzburg Global Fellows taking part in the Asia Peace Innovators Forum share their experiences and challenges

What Fellows Can Expect from a Salzburg Global Program

Salzburg Global Fellows Astrid Reisinger Coracini and Saya Kiba reflect on past Salzburg Global experiences
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