Past Program

May 23 - May 30, 1998

Through the Patient's Eyes: Collaboration between Patients and Health Care Professionals

Session 356


The healthcare industry is rapidly evolving in terms of the quality and reach of its services.


Unfortunately, this evolution sometimes takes place at the expense of the very patients it is meant to serve. Financial constraints on public and private healthcare systems, and scientific advancements, which sometimes outpace humanitarian application, have created an environment in which the patient tends to be excluded from the healthcare equation.


This session focused on the improvement of the quality of care, with an emphasis on patients’ perceptions and experiences, and on helping healthcare providers to be more responsive to patients’ needs. Session participants explored various means for evaluating patients’ needs (e.g., focus groups, interviews, surveys), and innovative strategies for improving the provider/patient relationship.


Emphasis was placed on providing an analytical framework that was commonly understood and available for actual practice when participants returned to their communities.