Social and Emotional Learning

The Salzburg Statement for Social and Emotional Learning

Social and emotional skills are key human capabilities that allow individuals to manage their emotions, work with others, and achieve their goals. They are crucial for the wellbeing and success of every child and adult, and for the future of our societies and economies. 

In a complex, fast-moving world, it is imperative that we equip all learners for new challenges and opportunities. Evidence shows multiple long-term benefits from embedding Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) opportunities in education in both formal and non-formal contexts. SEL can contribute to more inclusive, dynamic and productive schools, communities and workplaces, and can in the long term save governments money and accelerate productivity.

We, the Salzburg Global Fellows from the December 2018 program Social and Emotional Learning: A Global Synthesis, believe that global and national education policies, practices and systems should put SEL at the center of “whole person” development from birth. 

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