Designs on the Future is an online initiative to mark the 75th anniversary of Salzburg Global Seminar and to highlight bold visions and perspectives that can inspire change and help create a more creative, just, and sustainable future. We invite everyone interested in shaping a better world to join us for a series of unique conversations with leaders and disrupters spanning geographies, generations, and sectors.

Salzburg Global Seminar was born in 1947 in response to global crisis. We are now at a new moment of convergent crises that if unaddressed will have a massive impact on quality of life now and far into the future. How can we act smarter and faster to build more creative, just and sustainable societies? Designs on the Future presents the leaders and disrupters who are reimaging systems, values and leadership needed to meet this challenge. 

2022 will mark 75 years of Salzburg Global Seminar. In the lead up to our anniversary, join our series of interactive webinars, hear from the leading thinkers and doers shaping our world for the better, pose your own questions to them, and join the conversation with passionate changemakers around the world. 


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