Upcoming Program


While Employee, Environmental, Social, and Governance (EESG) standards continue to evolve, companies still must continue to grapple with classical risk. Public expectation has increased that the board should more actively perform an oversight role to ensure the corporation delivers on their strategy and upholds their corporate values. But to whom are boards accountable? And to whom should they be?

Building on the two conversations in May and July, this program of the Salzburg Global Corporate Governance Forum will take a deeper dive into the issues over three days. Industry experts will open discussions with candid insights for three plenaries combined with smaller facilitated conversations. Additional sets of conversations on sub-areas will be run in between the plenaries, where participants may join a conversation at the time most convenient for their time zone, allowing for deeper dives and wider debate.



This online program will consist of several highly interactive modules that will facilitate participation from different time zones. We see these sessions as cumulative discussions and invite all participants to join the full program (exact times to be announced). In exceptional cases where participants are only able to make one or more sessions, they are invited to do so.

Discussions will take place in plenary and small breakout groups. Industry experts will open with candid insights around the main topic. Smaller group discussions on subtopics will be moderated by knowledgeable members of the Advisory Committee of the Salzburg Global Corporate Governance Forum, allowing for deeper dives and wider debate.

Live Hypothetical: Based on trust built over the course of the program, an ongoing corporate board case study will be presented for Fellows of the Corporate Governance Forum to examine and advise upon.

Facilitated Networking: Informal “Kaffeeklatsch” and a private online platform will enable Fellows to continue discussions beyond the program.

As always, we will adhere to the Chatham House Rule in order to allow for candid and open exchange of ideas.

Participant Profile

Participation in this program will be by invitation only.

The Forum is primarily intended to benefit directors and principals of corporations organized and operating in various jurisdictions who want an off-the-record opportunity to explore and address some of the greatest challenges facing them as directors in the coming decade. The aim is to help them return to their boardrooms with new ideas which they can implement, and with new partnerships and insights, so that they can become thought leaders and change makers for the coming decades.

Within the overall group, directors are supplemented by additional voices representing other constituents, based on their relevance to the topic and ability to present constructive but divergent views. These include senior managers; judges, regulators, and policymakers; lawyers; thought leaders and academics; investors; and representatives of key civil society interest groups. 

Since its inauguration in 2015, the Forum has welcomed participants from 25 countries: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Greece, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, The Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, the UK, and the USA.


Salzburg Questions: Participants will be invited to contribute the “Salzburg Questions” series – our long-running monthly Fellow-written op-ed series – which is then distributed via a dedicated newsletter.

Report: A full report, including recommendations will be published following the full program.

E-book: A compilation of “Salzburg Questions” will be published as a stand-alone book in 2021.