Reporting Justice



The following are the updates from our partners in Asia:


University of Indonesia

Under the direction of Zulkarimein Nasution, the University of Indonesia’s Faculty of Social and Political Sciences introduced SIK 41085 – Reporting 2, based on the New Realities international curriculum for law and justice issues. Mr. Nasution presented a paper, co-written by Deb Nelson of the New Realities project, at the 21st Annual Conference of the Asian Media Information and Communication Centre (AMIC) in Singapore, to further inform and educate colleagues on the importance of the New Realities work in international criminal law and justice education. Please see the Presentation Deb Zul made by Zulkarimein Nasution for more on the development of a Global Curriculum for Conflict and Post-Conflict Journalism.

The AMIC is pleased to announce the 22rd annual conference will be held in Yogyakarta, Indonesia from 4-7 July, 2013.


National University of Timor-Leste

Dulce Martins da Silva of the School of Social Communications at the National University of Timor-Leste developed a tailored module for an existing advanced ethics course based on the New Realities curriculum for international criminal law and justice education. Student reactions were extremely positive, and are helping make the case for a full class dedicated to international criminal law and justice issues, which Ms. da Silva continues to pursue within her department.