Reporting Justice



The following are the updates from our partners in Africa:


Daystar University

Under the guidance of Professor Levi Obonyo, Daystar University has implemented elective course COM408 – Transitional Justice Reporting, a 3-credit, senior-level course on reporting international criminal law and justice issues. The course includes a class visit to the International Criminal Court field office in Nairobi and presentation on ICC activities.

University of Nairobi School of Journalism and Mass Communication

Professor George Nyabuga developed a course syllabus and planned a one-week workshop for journalists in Nairobi, also based on the New Realities international curriculum, which would be implemented with cooperation from other University of Nairobi departments, including the Institute for Diplomacy and International Studies, History, Political Science and Peace Studies. In particular during 2013, when he returns from a leave of absence,Professor Nyabuga will be developing case study material on international justice under the rubric of peace journalism: the material is available to university students but also journalists and others who might be interested. The case studies would encompass reading material relevant to Kenya’s situation, examining the causes of violence, and how media covers both the consequences and remedies (including justice).


Makerere University

William Tayeebwa has overseen the incorporation of an International Criminal Law/International Criminal Justice module into an existing graduate course. Makerere hosts a Master’s in Journalism and Communication as well as a Postgraduate Diploma in Investigative Journalism.  The Department of Journalism and Communication at Makerere (graduate) has also established a Projects Office for a proposed Conflict Sensitive Reporting certificate program, which deliberated on Terms of Reference for multiple related courses, if the requisite funding could be found.

In addition Gerald Walulya submitted a curriculum for JCO2203 – News Reporting and Writing II, which includes a section on peace in conflict reporting based directly on the New Realities workshop.


Carmel Rickard (Legal Columnist)

Carmel Rickard has continued actively promoting in-house courses based on the New Realities international curriculum at major media houses and universities, including the University of the Witswatersrand.