Reporting Justice

Regional Developments

Regional Developments

From the beginning, this project was conceived to go forward spreading qualitative journalism education as far across the world as possible. Some of the first partners in this endeavor were chosen for their locations in some of the most critical regions: Africa, the Balkans and Southeast Asia and we continue to welcome initiatives from all supporters.

In Africa:

Five major universities in three countries were selected for the pilot project: Rhodes and Stellenbosch in South Africa, University of Nairobi and Daystar in Kenya, and Makerere in Uganda.  In addition to the African Media Initiative, early support was offered by The Nation Media Group, the Institute for War and Peace Reporting, the International Federation of Journalists, Crimes of War Project and Internews.

In Europe:

While there is no structured initiative to date, participants from the Balkans attended the meeting in Salzburg and expressed their support for the future.

In Southeastern Asia:

Gaining acceptance and approval of a course on international justice at universities in Indonesia and Timor-Leste could be challenging, given the political environment.  It will require collaboration with international journalism organizations with a presence in the countries and indigenous groups. P3Media in Jakarta, Timor Lorosa’e Journalists’ Association and the Timor-Leste Center for Investigative Journalists, and the Indonesian Association of Journalism Education have been involved in this process as has the International Center for Journalists. In offering his support, Virgilio da Silva Guterres, president of Timor Lorosa’e Journalists’ Assn., cited “the urgency and importance of the subject related to international justice and journalism toward the development of democracy and creation of a just and peaceful world.”