Reporting Justice



A number of other institutions and organizations have developed excellent materials, curricula and even blogs, on related topics, which are highly recommended for those particularly interested in a specific area.

The following are a few highlights on:

International Law and Africa

Think Africa Press‘s course on “International Law and Africa”, available at
ReportingKenya, an initiative started by the Institute for War and Peace Reporting and Wayamo, which aims to enhance the capacity of Kenyan journalists to report on international and local criminal justice issues, as well as on the presidential election schedule for  March 4, 2013, available at

Human Rights

“Violations, History, First Dimension”, first part of Focus Human Rights available at (video)
“Justiciability, Improvements, Third Dimension”, third part of Focus Human Rights, available at (video)

Genocide and Rape

“The Invisible Genocide of Women”, by Javier Zurita and Ofelia de Pablo, a short photo and interview documentary on the more than 100,000 women raped during the Guatemalan genocide, available at (video)

Rule of Law/Justice

“What is the Rule of Law?”, experts from the US Institute of Peace (USIP) lead a discussion on the term, available at (video)
“Granito: How to Nail a Dictator”, a video describing how Pamela Yates’ 1983 documentary, When the Mountains Tremble, helped bring about the indictment against Guatemalan former dictator, Efrain Rios Montt. The video is available at The Twitter app is available here.


Opinio Juris, a blog authored by practioners, journalists and other actors in the field of internaitonal justice, available under
Jurist,  a real-time legal news and research service run by law students at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, available at
Justice in Conflict, a blog considering not only our conceptions of justice, but also how and when such justice is pursued, available at
IJCentral, a collective resource for concerned citizens, designed with the hope of pressuring relevant actors into fulfilling the ICC’s mandate, available at
ILawyer, a collection of recent news and analysis pieces on international justice, available at
The International Criminal Law Bureau, the website of the ICLB, which also includes the latest news in international criminal law, available at
Wronging Rights, available at

Also, for those going mobile, a number of apps

Children and Armed Conflict, available from iTunes, and praised by the International Peace Institute in this note
The Women, Peace and Security Handbook, available from iTunes. It compiles both progress made and action to be taken on the Women, Peace and Security agenda
Safe Access to Firewood and Alternative Energy, available from iTunes

The above is only a selection out of the wealth of apps available in the areas of international justice, intervention and humanitarian work. For additional inspiration, we suggest starting with this Opinio Juris post.