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Salzburg Global Seminar

Salzburg Global Seminar

The mission of Salzburg Global Seminar is to challenge current and future leaders to solve issues of global concern.

To do this we design, facilitate and host international strategic convening and multi-year programs to tackle systems challenges critical for the next generation.

Originally founded in 1947 to encourage the revival of intellectual dialogue in post-war Europe, we are a game-changing catalyst for global engagement on critical issues in education, health, environment, economics, governance, peace-building and more.

We work with carefully chosen partners to drive social change in the areas of imagination, sustainability, and justice.

Salzburg Global connects the most talented people and the most innovative ideas, challenging governments, institutions and individuals at all stages of development and all sectors to rethink their relationships and identify shared interests and goals.

You can read more about the work of Salzburg Global Seminar in our Vision Document:
Salzburg Global Vision - Imagination, Sustainability and Justice: The Power of Partnership

For information on Salzburg Global Seminar’s latest activities, please visit the website.

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