Reporting Justice

II/6: Transitional Justice

II/6: Transitional Justice

Judicial Module 6:  Transitional Justice

Transitional Justice is about the processes that societies in transition use to address legacies of massive human rights violations. Institituions and civil society have the opportunity to consider different measures to provide truth accountability and redress for past mass atrocities and repression.

This is a new field academically-speaking, with many overlapping areas with law and international relations.

Key Topics:

  • Amnesty
  • Truth and Reconciliation Commissions 

Required Readings:

Kioko wa Kivandi, “Reporting Transitional Justice in Kenya: Challenges and Opportunities,”

Selected Online Resources:

The International Center for Transitional Justice (ICTJ) provides an excellent background on very complicated issues, like the peace vs. justice debate.