LGBT Forum - Day Three - Fellows Meet with German MPs and Leaders from Political Foundations and Human Rights Organizations




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May 22, 2014
by Klaus Mueller and Sudeshan Reddy
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LGBT Forum - Day Three - Fellows Meet with German MPs and Leaders from Political Foundations and Human Rights Organizations

Global LGBT Forum meets with members of the German parliament and leaders from political foundations and human rights organizations at German Federal Foreign Office, Berlin, Germany Geeta Misra, Co-Founder and Executive Director, CREA, India

Extending its network even further Global LGBT* Forum met with members of the German parliament, political foundations and human rights organizations, on the third day of the event in Berlin.

Representatives included Ise Bosch from Dreilinden Foundation, Richard Koehler from Transgender Europe, and Andrea Kämpf and Sebastian Müller from the German Institute for Human Rights. Colleagues from the Human Rights Office of the city of Nuremberg, which awarded Global LGBT Forum member Kasha J. Nabagesera from Uganda with the Nuremberg International Human Rights Award in 2013, were also in attendence.  

The lunch at the German Federal Foreign Office served as a networking opportunity to both make new contacts and to continue conversations with the likes of Riccardo Serri, Deputy Head of Division on Human Rights Strategy and Policy Implementation at the European External Action Service (EEAS), Saskia Helsdingen, the LGBT Human Rights Officer at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Andrea Rocca of Frontline Defenders who also attended the lunch. Beautiful sunshine also allowed participants to meet and mingle informally outside on the Ministry’s balcony.  

Katharina Spiess from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development continued conversations how LGBT human rights are embedded as a theme within the Ministry’s programmatic initiatives.  

An afternoon meeting with diplomatic colleagues from the embassies of Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Romania, the United States, Norway, Spain, and the European Union gave members of the Global LGBT Forum the opportunity to both inform about the situation of LGBT persons in their respective regions and to learn about perspectives from other embassies. Moderated by Martin Huth, Head of Human Rights Division at the German Federal Foreign Office, the discussion allowed for a frank assessment of contemporary challenges.

As one necessary step to move forward in building larger networks, the Global LGBT Forum presented the idea that embassies could use their network reaching out to other embassies to create regular larger focus meetings on LGBT human rights.  Human rights defenders could give briefings on the situation on the ground. Being able to speak to an established and connected network of human rights officers from supportive embassies at the same time would considerably deepen our network and enhance a concerted effort to advance LGBT human rights. 

The Salzburg Global Fellows in Berlin, with the support and partnership of the German Federal Foreign Office, are taking part in the high-level program Creating Long-Term Global Networks to Sustain LGBT Human Rights Organizations and will be conducting meetings with the German Foreign Office, representatives of foreign embassies, human rights groups, and other select partners. For daily summaries and Tweets, please see the session page: and the Twitter hashtag #SGSlgbt

* Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. We are using this term as it is widely recognized in many parts of the world, but we would not wish it to be read as in any way exclusive of other cultures, terms or groups.