Salzburg Global Appoints Values Process Facilitators




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Jun 29, 2021
by Salzburg Global Seminar
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Salzburg Global Appoints Values Process Facilitators

Carl Swanson and Greta Muscat Azzopardi will support an internal process to identify the organizational values that guide Salzburg Global Seminar's work Greta Muscat Azzopardi (left) and Carl Swanson (right) are part of the Cultural Innovators Forum

Salzburg Global Fellows will help Salzburg Global Seminar identify the organizational values that guide its work as part of a new internal process.

Carl Swanson and Greta Muscat Azzopardi have been appointed Values Process Facilitators to meet this objective and begin their work later this month.

Swanson is an associate director at Springboard for the Arts, a national leader in artist resources and artist-led community development based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Muscat Azzopardi is a facilitator, coach, and communications mentor based in Malta.

Both have attended programs hosted by the Cultural Innovators Forum and remain an active part of the network.

Salzburg Global recognizes that identifying organizational values for the entire institution, including Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron, is an important part of strategic planning.

Salzburg Global is committed to reviewing its purpose, practices, and policies related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. On the recommendation of staff, board members, and Fellows, the organization will undertake this internal process to help solidify and communicate its values.

Working with staff, Swanson and Muscat Azzopardi will help define the organization's values that will guide future programmatic direction, institutional business opportunities, and brand identity.

Swanson said, "As a Fellow, I've experienced the value of these programs and have fond memories of the connections and experiences at the Schloss Leopoldskron. Organizations are made up of people, and so the work that we do towards clearer understanding and communication together makes for more creative and responsive organizations. Greta and I are here to listen, to raise up the values that are present, and work with the staff to build [a] common language and common goals. It is a very exciting project with a very exciting organization."

Muscat Azzopardi said, "I worked in the past with a group of hotels, implementing brand guidelines born from the aspirations of a small group of executives in a design agency. I, therefore, know the pitfalls of failing to involve the people at the heart of operations. I am so happy to now be facilitating an inclusive values process to acknowledge, celebrate and build on what this organization's members already hold together. This process is an important part of building tools that feel right and stay alive in the coming years."

Both Swanson and Muscat Azzopardi will deliver the identification of three to five core institutional values, a draft values statement, an action plan for operationalization, and recommendations for internal practices and communication.

They will virtually meet with staff from Salzburg Global and Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron next month.