Past Program

Sep 26 - Oct 03, 1998

Higher Education: Leadership and Institutional Reform


nstitutions of higher education around the world are facing imposing challenges, as well as unprecedented opportunities for effecting change. In some regions, political and social upheavals have precipitated the wholesale restructuring of higher education systems. In other regions, fiscal constraints have required carefully calibrated adjustments in governance, administration, financial management, and academic oversight. While conditions and dimensions of restructuring may vary greatly, the challenges of the reform process are often quite similar. Systemic adjustment must inevitably confront historic traditions, bureaucratic intransigence, and political, social, and financial constraints.


This session will provide a comparative forum for individuals involved in leading the reform process. Discussions will focus on the changing relationships between governments and universities; the frequent tensions between funders (governments) and academic autonomy; gender and diversity issues; the potential and limitations of access; and the impact of new technologies on distance education and university partnerships.