Austrian Radio Show Spotlights YCI Participant




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Oct 24, 2014
by Jonathan Elbaz
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Austrian Radio Show Spotlights YCI Participant

FM4's "Reality Check" profiles the work of Rotterdam's Ashley Nijland Ashley Nijland speaks at the "Young Cultural Innovators" sessionEarlier this week, the Salzburg Global Forum for Young Cultural Innovators gathered arts and culture leaders from ten different creative "hubs" around the world, including Baltimore, Athens, Seoul, Buenos Aires and Rotterdam.One YCI Fellow is Ashley Nijland from Rotterdam, Netherlands. She owns RAAF, which stands for Rotterdam-Art-Adventure-Food. RAAF aims to reenergize the southern part of the city with a creative hub, performance stage, event space and meeting place all in one venue.While in Salzburg, aboard the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus, Nijland spoke on Austrian radio show "Reality Check" about RAAF's amazing work leading creative and cultural projects. Listen below.