YCI Fellow Profiled on Austrian Radio Show




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Oct 31, 2014
by Jonathan Elbaz
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YCI Fellow Profiled on Austrian Radio Show

Dara Huot interviewed on FM4's "Reality Check" about the Phare Cambodian Circus Dara Huot speaks during the YCI sessionDara Huot recently spoke on an episode of FM4's "Reality Check" about his work leading the social business of Phare, a circus troupe in Huot's home country of Cambodia. Phare employs mostly underprivileged Cambodian children and promotes the nation's musical and cultural heritage.While at the Schloss for the Salzburg Global Forum for Young Cultural Innovators session, aboard the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus, Huot told FM4 about the mighty purpose of the organization and what one can expect to see once the lights go down at the circus. Listen to the interview below.