Past Program

Apr 24 - May 01, 1998

Rise of Industrial East Asia and Its Implications for the Developing World


The policies for economic growth devised and implemented by East Asia have been admired throughout the world. As a result, several well-known studies have examined the "East Asian Miracle" in economic terms. This session will not only analyze the varied economic components of the high performance nations in East Asia, but also will evaluate the policies for successful growth and assess their potential application to other developing countries.


This session is part of a larger Salzburg Seminar project on industrial East Asia. The third, and culminating, session in the series, it will focus specifically on the policies contributing to the economic success of the region. Discussion will explore a variety of policies utilized in East Asian countries, including those involving technology, education, investment, institution building, and the role of government, and will consider their transferability to other areas seeking rapid economic development.