Darlene Upton

Vice-President, Parks Canada, Canada

Darlene Upton is the vice president for Protected Area Establishment and Conservation in Parks Canada, located in Ottawa Canada. She joined the organization in 1996 holding a number of positions in three national parks and at executive levels in the Agency National Office. She is interested in the broad role protected areas play connecting humans to nature and in supporting goals related to biodiversity, conservation, economic development, health, and wellbeing. Her work has included developing ecological monitoring and training programs, policy development, investment attraction, and partnership engagement for action. She is a graduate of Singularity University Executive Leadership Program and has a strong interest in technology and the relationship humans will have with the environment in an increasingly urban and technological world. She received a bachelor honors degree in outdoor recreation, a bachelor's degree in natural sciences from Lakehead University, and a master of science degree from the University of Toronto.


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