Dolly Govender

Deputy Mayor, KwaDukuza Municipality, South Africa

Govindammal Govender is the deputy mayor of KwaDukuza Municipality since 2011. She is currently serving her second (5) term of office as the deputy mayor since 2016. She is also a chairperson of the Municipal Services Portfolio Committee responsible for providing oversight and leadership on the following municipality functions: Waste Management, Beach Management, Parks and Gardens, Disaster Management and Emergency Services, Community Safety and Traffic Management. She has been instrumental as part of the leadership collective to put the issues of climate change response on the agenda of the municipality, which led to KwaDukuza Municipality become a first secondary city in Africa to achieve Compact of Mayors four badges. Her portfolio committee has championed the introduction of waste recycle bins in KwaDukuza CBD. The committee also promoted recycling by communities, removal of alien plants and building sustainable community open spaces and mainstreaming the implementation of KwaDukuza Low Carbon Emission Strategy. She is also passionate about sustainable community development work, women and youth empowerment, social cohesion, and good governance. She has over 22-year experience in the private sector. She is a formidable local government leader and sustainable development champion on her right. She is holds a diploma in marketing.


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