Brij Bali

Doctoral (DBA) Candidate, University of Bath, U.K. and President, International Talent Hub, Canada

Brij Bali is a senior management consultant in social investment and youth talent development, a senior corporate adviser at the Emirates Foundation, and president and co-founder of International Talent Hub - a talent development social enterprise. Brij has been actively engaged in leading social investment through talent development programs and initiatives over a 35-year span and has held senior management positions in the Emirates Foundation in the United Arab Emirates, a national university in Tanzania, and community colleges in Canada. His extensive experience within social investment, CSR, volunteering, mentoring, social enterprise, and international education, have enabled Brij to provide highly impactful advice to the public and private sectors, including national agencies like ODA-UK, DAAD - Germany, SAREC - Sweden, NORAD - Norway, British Council - UK, GTZ - Germany, and others. His favorite areas of focus are on developing youth talent and community development through venture philanthropy and synergistic partnerships underpinned by a social investment model. Through his experience in the US, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, and Tanzania, he has worked as an expert on leading teams to design and build intelligent models in optimizing impact through social investment, venture philanthropy, talent development, internships, mentoring, etc. A Canadian citizen, Brij holds an MBA degree from IMD (Switzerland) and is a doctoral (DBA) candidate at the University of Bath, U.K.


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