Daniel Vazquez

University of Texas at Austin, USA

As the son of two migrant workers who were unable to attend college, the importance of attaining a higher education has been instilled in me since I was a child. In addition, being part of a minority culture made me hyperaware of the disadvantages others like me face. However, due to my parents' hard work, I managed to avoid most of the struggles that many people of color often face. My interest in the field of public relations stems from recognizing my privilege and wanting to use my social position as a means to help others. In my opinion, the majority of problems that people often face are due to a lack of communication and understanding. Studying public relations at The University of Texas at Austin has taught me that effective communication is based upon relationship building. My professional goal is to go into the field of law and serve to build relationships between the advantaged and disadvantaged through effective communication persuasive representation.

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