Nourah Al Sadoun

Emerson College, USA

As a global marketing communication and advertising graduate student from Emerson College I have many goals that I want to achieve. First, I want to have my own documented stories about the differences among cultures, specifically on their lifestyle habits that can make people more aware of these success habits. Then I want to represent these findings through a series of short stories in the form of YouTube videos and Instagram posts. My goal is to increase understanding and communication among people in different cultures. I am aiming to publish these helpful habits so that more people can learn and adopt them. I will collect the information via primary and secondary research. The primary research will be through direct dialoguewith my classmates from different countries, and through my observation of them. The secondary research will be from internet findings and facts about the working and living habits of people coming from all over the world. Finally, I want to increase my creative presentation skills in order to present my ideas in an attractive way.

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