William New

Professor of Education and Youth Studies, Beloit College, USA

William New is a professor of education and youth studies at the Beloit College, US. Prior to becoming a college professor, he was a special education teacher and therapist in New York City for more than a decade. Dr. New was on the faculty of DePauw University from 1993-1997, visiting professor at the ACM Urban Studies Program in Chicago in 2000, and led the ACM Central Europe Program in the Czech Republic in 2002. He served as senior Fulbright Fellow in Greece and Slovakia, where he taught university courses and conducted research on Roma (Gypsy) education. Dr. New has published and presented widely in the field of minority education policy and law, focusing on immigrant issues in the United States, and Roma education in Greece and Central Europe. His current research concerns the history of school choice in Wisconsin, and charter school politics in a local school district. Professor New is the founder and president of the Governing Board of a local charter school. He teaches courses in educational psychology, adolescence, literacy development, and education policy and law. Dr. New received his B.A. in history from Dartmouth College, and an M.A. in reading, an M.Ed. in neuroscience and education, and a Ph.D in educational and applied developmental psychology from Teachers College, Columbia University, US.

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