What We Do

Past Multi-Year Programs

Salzburg Global Seminar has a commitment to supporting a wide range of programs. Often, programs begun here became in due course independent, as with the CEDAR and IHJR programs listed below. And often, as political and economic climates shift, Salzburg Global's programming adjusts to follow suit. Past programs provide a solid foundation on which to continue pursuing the most effective methods for implementing change. We are proud to present below a selection of programs which began here, but have either run their course or continued elsewhere.

Additional Past Programs

CEDAR - European Muslim Professionals Network

In November 2008, Salzburg Global, in cooperation with the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD), conceived and implemented a special "European Muslim Professionals' Action Incubator Workshop". The Workshop resulted in the creation of CEDAR, Europe's first Muslim Professionals' Network. Salzburg Global and ISD jointly supported CEDAR in the first two years of the organization's development (2009 - 2010).

Towards an African Green Revolution
In 2008 and 2009, the Salzburg Global Seminar, in partnership with the Institute of Development Studies and the Future Agricultures Consortium, held a series of events under the title "A Green Revolution in Africa: What Framework for Success?". The recommendations from the first two events (held in Salzburg in 2008) are captured in a summary report, available in English, French and Portuguese. Consultations were held in Africa in 2009 as a follow-up to the Salzburg events and those recommendations were used to inform the 2010 Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development (GCARD). In 2011, Salzburg continued work in this arena with a session on "Transforming Agricultural Development and Production in Africa: Closing Gender Gaps and Empowering Rural Women in Policy and Practice".

The Institute for Historical Justice and Reconciliation (IHJR)
Founded in 2004, the IHJR first operated as a project of Salzburg Global, devoted to working with educational and public policy institutions in order to organize and sponsor historical discourse in pursuit of acknowledgement, and the resolution of historical disputes. In October 2008, the IHJR was established as an independent institute in The Netherlands and is now a nonprofit foundation seated in The Hague. The IHJR is governed by an Executive Committee chaired by Judge Richard Goldstone of South Africa, and is advised on its program by an Advisory Board chaired by Judge Hisashi Owada, President of the International Court of Justice. The IHJR continues to work in partnership with the Salzburg Global Seminar. For more information on the IHJR please visit, or send an email to

Sustainable Futures Academy
The Sustainable Futures Academy was an emerging international collaboration of members of the higher education sector, government, philanthropists, non-profit organizations and business. Members shared a belief that the higher education sector can be one of society's greatest assets for solving the global challenge of fundamental "unsustainability", the result of a convergence of major problems including a perilous decline in the stability of the earth's life support systems and the escalating inequalities in the distributions of wealth and access to resources. For more information, watch a video by its former chair, Leith Sharp.