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Mar 01 - Dec 31, 2021

Asia Peace Innovators Forum: Call for Applications

Session 715
Peace is key to ensuring Asia's sustained development and prosperity as the world's most populous region grows in global geopolitical and economic importance. But despite the region’s rich experience in mediating peace and reconciliation, the learning exchange between regional, local and community-driven initiatives has so far been low. Launched in 2020, the Asia Peace Innovators Forum aims to shape long-term peace, stability, and regional cooperation in Asia by building a network of mid-career professionals working in different sectors and countries to exchange knowledge, community-driven approaches, and best practices. Salzburg Global Seminar will be adding up to 15 additional Fellows to this Forum who are citizens of or currently working in Myanmar or Thailand.  We have a preference to include more women. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis until all places are filled. Find more information on the Asia Peace Innovators Forum here
Mar 01 - Mar 01, 2021

Inclusive Education and Early Childhood Community of Practice: Teacher Training Workshop

Session 723
Apr 21 - Apr 21, 2021

Education Policymakers Network Launch: Education Innovation and Reform

Session 725
We are living in a time of convergent crises that taken together place exceptional demands on education policymakers across the world. Education reform is always challenging and complex, and requires sustained energy and political will, particularly so at this point in time because of the pandemic. However, education reform is absolutely essential to equip young people with the skills they will need to deal with these crises. With the launch of the Education Policymakers Network in April 2021, Salzburg Global is bringing together reform-minded education policymakers from a variety of countries, each with their own histories, contexts and needs, to support and sustain education reform around the need to develop a breadth of skills – cognitive, creative, physical, social and emotional – in young and school-aged learners. Addressing the skills gap has been high on global and national political agenda/s for several years, and may be easy to buy-in to, but establishing the political will to move from rhetoric to delivery is not. The path to whole system reform is not clear and easy. Stamina for systems reform wanes when there is pressure to focus on literacy and numeracy. The COVID-19 situation has created an unprecedented and unpredictable time and has created new challenges. Yet, there have been moments where we have seen glimpses of what education could and should be.  This opening network meeting will focus on introductions and the core purpose and strategic aims of the network. It will be a chance for participants to ask questions and suggest themes that they would like future network meetings to address. Given the range of time zones across the participating countries, this launch meeting will take place at a time that may be inconvenient for some members of the network. We ask for understanding and flexibility to accommodate this for this launch meeting so that the whole network can meet. Future network meetings will be held at two different times to fall within working hours for as many participants as possible.  The Education Policymakers Network will connect policymakers from different countries to work, learn and innovate together. Launching in 2021, the network will help support and sustain education reform around the need to develop a breadth of skills – cognitive, creative, physical, social and emotional – in young and school-aged learners. Each of the virtual network meetings will hear from a guest speaker on a specific topic and will then look at the evidence of impact and existing policies around a specific reform idea. An insights report will be generated from each meeting that can be shared across the network. The meetings will also be recorded so that they can act as a resource for the members after they took place.  This virtual network meeting is only open to participants in the Education Policymakers Network.