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Nov 29 - Dec 03, 2021

Breadth of Skills Policy Network Meeting

Session 712
Sep 04 - Sep 08, 2021

The President, the Press and the People: American Politics

Session 721
Oct 14 - Oct 14, 2021

Education - All Eyes on Learning: Launch Meeting 1

Session 737
Nov 09 - Nov 09, 2021

Public Policy New Voices Europe: On-Boarding Meeting 1

Session 738
Sep 23 - Sep 23, 2021

Why Do We Need New Voices in Public Policy?

Session 739
“I raise up my voice not so I can shout, but so that those without a voice can be heard.” ― Malala Yousafzai   The profiles, backgrounds, and demographics of public policy professionals often fail to reflect the growing pluralism and multiculturalism of our societies. How can the inclusion of diverse voices help to reimagine and redesign the future of public policy in ways that are more equitable, inclusive, and effective?   Achieving meaningful progress on diversity and equity in public policy is one of the most significant global imperatives of our time, permeating every geography and culture, and every sector and profession. To build a leadership pipeline and increase diversity in the field, more must be done to ensure public policy is an inclusive and viable career path for minorities, and to create opportunities for emerging and new voices in public policy to practice leadership through their projects, institutions, and communities.   This lively exchange of views between three leading European public policy experts will explore why empowering new and diverse leaders in the field of public policy is vitally important, how we can open up opportunities for historically marginalized voices to access leadership positions, and how inclusion of all voices supports the development of more equitable and effective public policies.   Part of Salzburg Global’s Designs on the Future initiative, this discussion also celebrates the launch of the Public Policy New Voices Europe, a dynamic year-long Fellowship program that connects, supports, and empowers a new generation of diverse leaders in public policy across Europe. For more information about the Fellowship and for application information, please click here.