Clarisa Ruiz

Arts Promotor and Cultural Policies Activist, Colombia

Clarisa Ruiz is an arts promotor and cultural policies activist with a focus on arts education. She works as a consultant for the new Teatro Cajamag Pepe Vives Campo in the historical city of Santa Marta, Colombia. She is the former director of arts and culture for the City of Bogota as well as the former director of arts in the Ministry of Culture of Colombia. Highlights of her public sector career include cultural attaché in the Colombian Embassy in France, director of the Art Gallery of Bogotá's Secretary of Culture, director of Bogotá's Academy of the Arts, and director of the Cristobal Colon Theatre. Ms. Ruiz has held several management positions in the field of scenic arts in Colombia. She was the assistant director of The National Theater Foundation and the Latin American Theater Festival, and directed Casa del Teatro, created to promote education and creation of new generations in scenic arts. As an independent promoter, she developed Circuscity - New Circus School Company of Art, bringing together a group of 40 young adults for a practical arts learning experience. Ms. Ruiz is the author of several children's and young adult's books, with El Cartero Enamorado being her most current publication. She was invited to speak at the UNESCO World Conference on Artistic Education in Lisbon. She received a B.A. in philosophy from the University of Paris I - Pantheon Sorbonne and is finishing her M.A. in social and educational development.

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