Teyo van der Schoot

Program Specialist, HIVOS, The Netherlands

Teyo van der Schoot works with Hivos. For several years he managed the portfolio of some 30 counterparts in Bolivia and Ecuador. Thematic areas of partner organizations included microfinance, organic agriculture, community forestry, gender, human Rrghts, AIDS, and arts & culture. Since 2005, he has been program manager for Human Rights & Democratization at Hivos, leading a team of ten staff members at head office and six regional offices of Hivos. His main areas of expertise are human rights, good governance, accountability, impunity, indigenous peoples’ rights, LGBT rights and child labor. Through SNV (Dutch organisation for technical assistance and development cooperation) he worked eight years in Peru, first as an advisor to a farmers’ organisation promoting development projects in Quechua communities in Puno; and then as visiting professor at the Faculty of Sociology of Cajamarca University, setting up action research with farmers’ movement Rondas Campesinas claiming participation in regional development processes. He holds an M.A. in rural sociology and development studies from the Wageningen Agricultural University in the Netherlands.

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