Christopher Bigsby

Professor of American Studies and Director, Arthur Miller Institute for American Studies, University of East Anglia, UK; broadcaster and award-winning novelist and biographer

Christopher Bigsby is a professor of American studies and director of the Arthur Miller Institute for American Studies at the University of East Anglia, in Norwich, UK. He has won awards for his academic work, fiction, and biographical work. He has published more than fifty books, principally on American culture, literature, and theatre, as well as a study of Holocaust literature focused on W.G. Sebald, a friend and colleague at UEA (Remembering and Imagining the Holocaust). His biography of Arthur Miller appeared in two volumes (2009, 2011), while his study of 21st Century American Television Drama appeared in 2013 and 21st Century American Playwrights in 2017. Additionally, he has published nine novels, the latest being Ballygoran (2014), Flint (2015), and Hotel (2016). He is the joint author of two television plays for the BBC and of a drama serial for BBC Radio as well as being the author of radio dramas and radio and television documentaries. He was for many years a presenter for BBC Radio (domestic and world service) and for eighteen years chaired the British Council's Cambridge Seminar, which brought writers, journalists, and publishers from around the world together. For twenty-five years, he has run the Arthur Miller Centre International Literary Festival and has been a columnist for The Times Higher Education Supplement. He is a member of the SSASA Advisory Board and has attended many SSASA symposia as faculty member or participant, most recently SSASA 15: Life and Justice in America: Implications of the New Administration, in 2017.


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