Shelagh Wright

Director, ThreeJohnsandShelagh and Mission Models Money; Associate, Demos; London, UK

Shelagh Wright has worked for decades with a diverse range of people and projects around the world on cultural and creative economic policy and sustainable practice. She is a founding director of openÂș; a director of the Together Foundation, Mission Models Money and ThreeJohnsandShelagh; an associate of the think tank Demos, the Culture+Conflict initiative, the Compass progressive politics network; and UK Ambassador to The Alternativet, the cultural-political party in Denmark. Her publications include: Creativity Money Love; Where does it hurt?; After the Crunch; So. What Do You Do?; Making Good Work and Design for Learning; in addition to articles and papers on sustainable cultural, creative and social enterprise, skills and investment policy. Shelagh was a contributor to the Creative Britain strategy and a member of the EU Expert Working Group on the Creative Industries. She is also on the boards of several UK arts and cultural organizations. Shelagh is a Fellow of several Salzburg Global Sessions


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