Laia Ribera

Member, Lesbian Feminist Theater Company Siluetas, El Salvador

Laia Ribera Cañénguez is a Salvadorian theater actress and lesbian feminist activist. She is part of the lesbian theater company Siluetas in Guatemala with which she has performed the play “AFUERA” about the experiences of being lesbian in Central American societies. She is also part of the women’s theater company PartIDAS in El Salvador, which is working on issues related to gender construction through the “theater of the senses” and Lecoq techniques, involving dance, music, photography and videography. She has been involved in lesbian feminist activism on the local and regional level of Central America, Mexico and Europe trying always to link and encourage regional initiatives. Ms. Ribera holds a B.A. in translation and interpretation from the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. She also studied theater studies at the theater school Estudis de Teatro Berty Tovías (Lecoq) and holds an M.A. in gender and development from the Universidad de Barcelona.

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