Thomas Wieser

Non-resident Fellow, Brugel

Thomas Wieser is a non-resident fellow at Brugel, Brussels based Think Tank. He recently chaired the European Commission's "High Level Forum on Capital Market Union", and the European Council's "High-Level Group of Wise Persons on the European Financial Architecture for Development" and is currently a member of the French government's commission on the future of public finances. He was previously the Brussels-based president of the euro working Group and chairman of the EU's economic and financial committee from 2012 to 2018. In this function he was responsible for the preparation for the negotiations and decisions of EU Finance Ministers. He was the G 7 deputy for the eurogroup and represented the euro working group in a number of other international fora. Prior to that Thomas was Director General for Economic Policy and Financial Markets of the Austrian Ministry of Finance. He has held a number of other international positions, including that of chair of the OECD committee on Financial Markets and has published on a range of economic policy issues.



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