Hernán Carvente-Martinez

Founder/CEO, Healing Ninjas, Inc., USA

Hernán is the founder and CEO of Healing Ninjas, Inc., a health and wellness company using technology to build and deepen community between people on their respective healing journeys. He is a Chicano social entrepreneur, community organizer, and leader in the fight to end youth incarceration. Currently, he is also the national youth partnership strategist at the Youth First Initiative, a national campaign focused on closing youth prisons and reinvesting that money into community alternatives. Hernán is an advisor to the Credible Messenger Justice Center, serves on the board of Community Connection for Youth, and is a grant-making committee member for the new youth program of the Prospect Hill Foundation. Previously, he worked as a program analyst at the Vera Institute of Justice, where he worked to ensure that youth and families were included in statewide policy reform efforts around the country. He was awarded the Spirit of Youth Award by the Coalition for Juvenile Justice and the Next Generation Champion for Change award by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. He has a B.S. from John Jay College. Connect with him via LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @Carventehernan.

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