Lexi Raikes


Lexi Raikes is a remote Salzburg Global Seminar Program Intern working from Louisville, Kentucky. Lexi's role entails assisting the program department with the preparation and implementation of online programs. Lexi also contributes to Salzburg Global's general work with research, administrative tasks, and logistical support. Currently, she serves as the executive vice president of her university's Student Government Association. Passionate about grassroots activism, Lexi started her non-profit baking business, Bake Like U Mean It, over the summer to fundraise for local social justice organizations. Before joining Salzburg Global, Lexi served as an intern for a Kentucky gubernatorial campaign, as well as for the 11th District Commonwealth Attorney. As a Brown Fellows Scholar, Lexi completed an independent research project in Soufflenheim, France. Lexi is working toward B.A. degrees in French, English, and political science with a track in global politics and international affairs at the University of Louisville.


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