Sanjay Sharma

Program Director and Board Member, Blue Diamond Society and Global Interfaith Network, Nepal

Sanjay Sharma is the program director of Blue Diamond Society, Nepal's leading LGBT rights organization. Since 2003, he has worked on various projects related to interfaith networks, HIV/AIDS, human rights, constitutional campaigns, advocacy, capacity building and academic research. Sanjay is also the founding vice president of the board of the Federation of Sexual and Gender Minorities Nepal, which is the network of all LGBT rights organizations in the country. Regionally, he has served as a task force member of the South Asian Human Rights Association of Marginalized Sexualities and Genders as well as a board member of the Global Interfaith Network, representing South and Central Asia. A compassionate leader and devoted team member, Sanjay believes in an intersectional approach to the advancement of the LGBT rights movement in Nepal and around the world. He is interested in collaborating with local, national and international organizations to develop sustainable strategies for inclusion.

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