Susan Glisson

Co-Founder and Partner, Sustainable Equity, LLC, USA

Susan Glisson is co-founder and partner of Sustainable Equity, LLC. As founding director of the Winter Institute for Racial Reconciliation, an internationally recognized civil rights and social justice center, Susan cultivated lasting partnerships with organizations promoting reconciliation and improved community relations in the deep South, across the United States and in Northern Ireland and South Africa. Susan has numerous publications and has been recognized in the media for her work, often called upon now as a public intellectual in matters of race. In 2016, Susan co-founded Sustainable Equity to work with communities, public institutions and businesses to foster effective historical dialogue in order to build trusting and respectful relationships as a prerequisite to achieving equity. Susan holds a master's degree in Southern studies from the University of Mississippi, and a doctorate of philosophy in American studies from the College of William and Mary.

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