Borah Lim

Senior Pastor, Sumdol Presbyterian Church, Republic of Korea

Borah Lim is a senior pastor for Sumdol Presbyterian Church in Seoul, Korea. She is currently a committee member of Rainbow Jesus, an organization that gathers Korean Christian LGBT+ and Allies. She is also the vice chair-person of Gender Justice Committee for WOMEN MINISTERS ASSOCIATION of Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea as well as a committee member of Justice-Peace Committee for the National Council of Churches in Korea. Previously, she was a committee member for LGBTQ Youth Crisis Support Center DDing Dong from 2013 to February 2020. From 2008 to 2011, she was co-chair-person for Christians Solidarity for No Discrimination World. She holds a masters of divinity from Hanshin Theological Seminary (1991-1995) and a diploma of development leadership from Coady International Institute (2009). Borah has won the 7th Rainbow Human Rights Award (Chingusai - Korean Gay Men's Human Rights Group). She speaks Korean, Japanese, and English.

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