Thomas Ninan

General Coordinator, ESHA Project of the Christian Service Agency, India

Fr Thomas Ninan is the general coordinator for the ESHA Project of the Christian Service Agency, a service wing of the National Council of Churches in India in Nagpur, India. He joined the organization in 2016. He is interested in exploring new and innovative ideas for developing inclusive communities, particularly in faith groups such as churches as well as developing teaching materials on sexuality and gender identities for theological educators. His projects include mainstreaming gender and sexuality in faith based organizations, establishing an Advanced Institute on Gender, Sexuality and Religion in Nagpur, India, facilitating a vibrant forum of LGBTIQ activists and allies at a national level to engage with faith based groups and organizations across India and to promote cross-learning in the area of gender and sexuality at a global level. He has previously worked in the area of HIV and AIDS, Substance Abuse Prevention, Care and Treatment and Health and Healing at an ecumenical level in India. He received his master of theology and bachelor of theology (honors) from the University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, bachelor in Christian studies from the Senate of Serampore College, Kolkata and graduate degree in sacred theology from the St Thomas Orthodox Theological Seminary, Nagpur.

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