Mohit Challa

Founder & CEO, Sun and Sands DeepTech LLC, Japan

Mohit Challa is the founder and CEO of the company Sun and Sands DeepTech LLC in Japan and a member of the India Japan Partnership Group. He has been based in Japan since 2015 and was born and raised in Rajkot, a city in western India. His primary mission is to bridge the gap between India and Japan on medical, economic, industrial, technology and human fronts. His projects include representing India's largest cancer-care provider in Japan, representing India's largest electronic waste recycling company in Japan among a few others. Mohit is also actively working on creating awareness among Japanese companies and encouraging them to hire young talented people from India. He has worked with an NGO called Make A Difference in India, for which he was the founder of the Ahmedabad chapter and taught English to children at risk. He holds a bachelor's degree in mechatronics (mechanical and electronics) from Gujarat Technological University.


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