Aiko Doden

Senior Director, NHK Japan Broadcasting Corp.; Special Affairs Commentator, NHK World TV

Aiko Doden comments on a wide range of affairs with focus on Japan and South East Asia, and on UN SDGs. She is a popular face on TV having anchored key program on NHK. Formerly she was based in Thailand as correspondent, covering issues with human security implications in the region. She holds a B.A. in foreign studies from Sophia University, Tokyo, and an M.A. in international relations from Columbia University, New York. Ms. Doden is a Knight Fellow of the Salzburg Global Seminar and was a Fellow of Session 455, "Peace-Making and Peace-Building: Securing the Contributions of Women and Civil Society" in 2008. She is the member of the Japanese National Commission for UNESCO and on the Board of Trustees, the International House of Japan.


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