Ana LarraƱaga

Mexican Activis, Nutritionist, Lactation Consultant, Mexico

Ana LarraƱaga is a Mexican activist for the right to nutritious food. She is a nutritionist, lactation consultant and specializes in environmental education and sustainability. She has worked with civil society organizations and currently directs the think tank Critical Health. She also coordinates the ContraPESO coalition, a group of organizations promoting public health policy measures such as the implementation of a law on frontal labeling of food and beverages, defense of the special taxation on sugary drinks and other comprehensive measures for the prevention of overweight, obesity and chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes. Additionally, she collaborates with the Mexico Salud-Hable Coalition, where she coordinates the "Healthy Eating" chapter and with the Changing Markets foundation for the promotion of adequate fortification of flours with essential micronutrients to improve the nutritional status of the most vulnerable populations.


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